Direct Flights to Samsun-Saudi Arabia Start Soon


Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Yusuf Ziya Yilmaz, Arabia and Samsun began to work for direct flights between the said.

Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Yusuf Ziya Yilmaz, Samsun and Saudi Arabia between the commercial and touristic activities and to exchange ideas for the launch of direct flights with representatives of Arabian tourism agencies in Samsun met.

Samsun is one of Turkey's most developed cities and is always open to development that emphasizes President Yilmaz, "Samsun Metropolitan We have big goals for the facilitation of international transport in the municipality. The flights that we started between Krasnodar and Samsun are the fruit of this. These direct flights will positively affect commercial and touristic activities between the two countries. Now we are trying to shorten the distances between Samsun and Saudi Arabia. Direct flights to Arabia will positively affect our commercial goals, especially tourism. Those of you coming from Madinah and Yanbu city of Arabia have noticed the potential of Samsun that you are planning to invest in these places by seeing and researching. As long as we keep our mutual relations tight, these thoughts will come into existence as soon as possible. We came together with representatives of tourism agencies from Medina and Yanbu provinces of Saudi Arabia. We are speeding up the necessary infrastructure works for the development of tourism and trade between the two countries, especially for the initiation of mutual flights. ”

Providing information about their touristic activities, Soner Dursun, member of the Association of Tourism and Travel Agencies of Middle East, said, “High level tour operators, journalists and social media phenomena of Medina and Yanbu provinces of Saudi Arabia came to Samsun to visit Yusuf Ziya Yılmaz. . As a result of mutual consultations, the agreement to accelerate direct flight from Riyadh and Madinah to Samsun was made with Turkish Airlines representatives. Medina THY Marketing Director Asım Rayyan stated that one of the tour operators in Arabia will launch a tourist attack to Samsun on Tuesday and Saturday with a 150-person tourist group, to start direct flights from Saudi Arabia to Samsun. They stated that they will organize the continuation of this study, which is very important for increasing the international awareness of Samsun, every month. Maybe we will organize 10 flights every month. We will bring senior people in Arabia to Samsun. These people will promote Samsun by explaining what they see in Samsun to people in their own country. We will also do these programs in Jeddah, Demmam. We will bring teams here from 7 provinces of the United Arab Emirates every month. We will ensure that everyone sees the potential of Samsun. Our program this time will last 3 days. We will visit the districts and explain what we see to the citizens in Arabia. ”

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