Railway Strike Starts in France

The strike of the railway workers, which will last 3 months in Paris, started today. Long queues occurred at the metro and train stations, a limited number of trains paralyzed the transportation.

The strike season that started in France reveals its actions. The fact that the railroad workers started to quit the job for 3 months collapsed the rail transport. Long queues occurred at the train stations, where a limited number of flights took place.


These images, which we are not used to seeing in Europe, were shot in Paris. The strike that started in the morning made the rail passengers flock to the train stations in the early hours. The French, who flocked to the trains that will make a small number of flights, created long queues to get on the trains.

Passengers who had to wait a long time with the arrival of the trains, which were reduced to almost a hour, flocked to the train. There was a confluence in the doors.


Within the scope of the movement called "Railway Struggle", the employees of the institution organize a total of 3 days of work for the next 36 months. Railway employees, who will hold a job for 2 days each week, will have 3 days of action for a total of 36 months.


SNCF employees react to President Emmanuel Macron's bill that will pave the way for privatizing French railways. Macron also wants to change the special status of railroad workers by law.

Railway workers, who work in a very physical job, night and weekend shifts, have advantages such as early retirement and better health care. Furthermore, in the country where the average gross salary is 2912 euro, SNCF employees earn an average 3090 euro.

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