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Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Menderes Turel, businessmen N 5 year after what will we be talking to Antalya? ”We will talk about Antalya, where high-level smart city practices, environmentalist buildings, cycling through public transport, electric vehicles are used, and their factories,“ answered her question. Türel stated that the revenue generated by the Metropolitan Municipality's own projects will be about 2018-300 million liras in the 400 year.

Menderes Türel, the Mayor of Antalya Industrialists and Businessmen's Association (ANSİAD), who was the guest of the 2018th Annual Meeting of the 7 Activity Year, explained his projects. Turel also evaluating Turkey's agenda, he answered questions of businessmen. Turel, indicating that Turkey is no longer a global power, television in the last ten-minute news about foreign policy from that of the eight, he also stated that Turkey is now in the position of the country showed that determines the world agenda.

Turkey memorization breaks
Explaining that the victories of the security forces remind of other epics in history, President Türel pointed out that it is a nice coincidence that the epic of Afrin coincided with the anniversary of Çanakkale Victory. Cleared out terrorist operations with peace, security and economic stability will be strengthened President stating Turel, "many memorization is no longer deteriorating in recent years in Turkey. When you enter a country to war are very serious negative economic data goes right, but one of the most growing country in the world except the one hand while battling the border from Turkey on one side. These show that the memorization of the economy has deteriorated. ”

We are trying to draw the horizon to Antalya
Türel said that cities determine the character of the people, and that the characters of the cities are determined by the mayors. Ler If Antalya is a city of the world today, the responsibility for loading the characters towards Antalya is the most heavy burden on my shoulder as mayor. We are trying to draw a character, a vision and a horizon to Antalya. Their return will be 10-15 years later, Bunlar he said.

Projects to develop the character of tourism
After a period of Antalya, Turkey's economy, the President stating that the burden would be shared with one of the major cities of Istanbul Turel, he said: "Antalya is going right here. If we are to install the tourism character in Antalya, we have to complete the shortcomings. That's why we call cruise port, marina, rail system, coast projects in Antalya. We need to increase the income level of the tourist profile coming to Antalya. When we say we will do cruise port for this, they say making. We need to do this to places close to the city so that tradesmen can benefit from this. No, they call it away. If only 3 would make a cruise port. Rich tourist is traveling with them. He travels with yachts. We have two marina projects in the cruise port and east of the big harbor. In addition, we are planning the harbors of Acısu and Kopak in Kundu, where the people of Antalya will be able to tie the boat in a cheap way. In the transportation sector the supply-demand balances reverse.

If we supply these projects in maritime transport, we know that demand will intensify. Biz
Türel said that the problems related to transportation firstly can be solved by encouraging and strengthening the mass, and secondly by making the intersection in the trapped places. Antalya also said that while they are making intersections, on the other hand they strengthen public transportation with a modern rail system.

Film studios will have the power to lobby
'N Today we know that America's great power comes from the cinema industry, ın said President Türel, who described the film studios project within the scope of Boğaçayı Project. This period we have received public permits, the project is over, we are looking for investors. When the project can be realized, giant productions such as Star Wars and Game Of Thrones can be taken in Antalya. Once we bring the world cinema industry here, the added value it will provide to the economy will be great. Entertainment centers will be great in terms of tourism attractiveness. But the most important of which is missing in most major national issue, especially in lobbying Turkey as a country we'll have our biggest strength. We just bring it here, let's bring it in. Or we just don't see Antalya win. We observe the national issues of this country. Bu

5 will talk to Antalya after years
President Menderes Türel, an ANSİAD member “What will we be talking about in Antalya for 5 years later? he replied: leri We are about to catch the cities we are competing at the moment. When we catch them, we will use the smart city projects that we started to implement at a much higher level. We can now measure the blood sugar of patients who receive home health care from where they live in their homes. Thanks to the intelligent irrigation system, we can water the soil according to the humidity conditions. Smart kiosks are of course an important part of the smart city, now we have a project that we will do especially on Konyaalti Beach. Security bracelet. When we attach the security bracelet to our children, we will be able to keep track of where children are doing. When we do this in Antalya, we will start to use many different smart city elements brought by technology. Antalya is now a city that produces electricity from its garbage, and gives its farmers free energy for irrigation water. Tomorrow will be a city providing zero waste with the system decomposed at its source. We will talk about Antalya, which is called green buildings, with environmentalist buildings. We will see that Antalya's public transportation is done by bicycle. 500 bin in Copenhagen has a 560 bin bike in the city center. Why cycling is a public transport vehicle. We are now bringing free public transport to Konyaalti beach. From the bottom of the variant Boğaçayı'a smart bike, so you will take the bike with the card system, you will leave the beach, when you are there, you will take another bike and go where you want. We will do this so that our citizens can easily reach anywhere under the heat along the coast of 4 km. After 5 year, we will talk about Antalya where electric vehicles are used and their factories are located. Before we can talk about these, we have to capture the vision I just expressed. Bunlar

28 project ready for opening
Türel explained the support given by the Metropolitan Municipality to the agricultural sector on another question as follows:, We carry out many projects from Antalya wholesale to cold storage, closed circuit irrigation systems through the new Metropolitan Municipality Law. We've completed the 12 closed-circuit irrigation system, and we're going to do that much more. Our construction in Alanya is continuing, 100 is an investment of millions. We have a state project in Kaş Kınık area. The project with 2 stage will be the size of the current 2.5 of Antalya. Finike has completed the state, went into operation, but did not have the opportunity to open. We have a big project of 28 not completed. However, we find it hard to find time for the official opening ceremony. Ancak

Where does the water of the mill come from?
President Menderes Türel said, genelde When politicians take office, they usually do debris literature. We see Antalya turning into a construction site. How do you find the source of these projects? “To the question, ors If you manage financial management, there is a source in every public institution. Debris literature has never been my style. We come to these tasks to solve the problems. If you were going to do debris literature, you didn't know what to take over, and they say why you're willing to be on these quests. We saw people who were rich in Antalya and said that the 5 year with wreckage literature. The wreckage is not an excuse worthy of duty. International rating agency Fitch has been continuing its rating for three terms as BB +. The Fitch report says that the operational current surplus of the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality in 2017 is over 350 million liras. Our personnel expense in 2017 has decreased compared to 2016, despite an increase in inflation. Our number of personnel has decreased compared to the previous 10 year despite the increase in our service area 5. Money comes from here. We implement a policy of serious savings. The revenue generated by the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality in its own projects will be about 2018-300 million in 400. There was no such resource. If you produce projects, you find the source. Proje

3 appeal to non-tender
Tek There are a lot of obstacles that we cannot use these resources, ”said President Türel. Ilıy This is the only thing I don't like about politics. We must solve the vicious struggle of politics. I'm having a lot of trouble. We make the rail system tender. 37 has received the firm file. 3 is appealing to the tender when the tender is not done. Who are they, the appealing companies do not even have a web site. All signposted company. In the case of objections to the JCC, the process of decision-making can be extended to the 2 month and the 6 month to the 2 month. What is the matter, we can not do until the rail system JCC Antalya rail system from the election until deprived. Let us not write this success to us, Bun he said.

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