Practices That Relieve Traffic in Antalya Continue

Scalpel to Antalyaspor junction. Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, within the framework of the Transportation Master Plan, continues to offer fundamental solutions to the traffic problem. In this context, the work on the intersection of traffic intersection Antalyaspor Junction was initiated.

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, a new one added to the interchange arrangements to breathe urban traffic. Within the scope of Transportation Master Plan, work has been started at Antalyaspor Junction which is one of the intersections with the highest traffic load. There are radical changes at the intersection. In order to reduce the current traffic load at the intersection, a leveling arrangement model is applied.

New system at the intersection
With the new arrangement in the intersection area, the existing middle roundabout system ends. The crossing of Sakıp Sabancı Boulevard and Atatürk Boulevard from the upper level is canceled. For transitions, U-turns are opened on the North and South sides of Dumlupınar Boulevard.

Traffic density will decrease
The project will be made for left and right turns in the crossroads of Antalyaspor Junction and middle roundabouts. In this way, signaling waiting times are reduced and the traffic density in the intersection area is aimed to decrease. 5 is scheduled to be completed within 2 months.

Olive trees have been taken care of
The century-old olive trees at the roundabout were dismantled and removed to prevent damage during the work. Trees will take their place in the junction zone once the studies are completed. The Atatürk Monument will be preserved at its current location in Antalyaspor junction. The project is expected to cost around 2 million 500 thousand liras.

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