The First Phase of the METU Technopolis Interchange is Over

The first phase of the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality's road project, which is planned to bring great comfort to the regional traffic, especially to the Bilkent City Hospital with 3 bin 700 bed, was completed.

Authorities explaining that the works in other sections of 3 METU Technopolis Junction are planned to be completed and put into service quickly, kent With the opening of Bilkent City Hospital, our junction will be completely open to traffic together with connections and landscaping Tekn.


After the completion of the intersection, which will provide the connection to the public roads to the giant boulevard studies will start the authorities, the City Hospital around the path to be completed step by step, a citizen will enter into service to provide convenience.

Mayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Assoc. Dr. Mustafa Tuna'nin investigations at the METU Teknokent Junction after the work of municipal teams continue to work day and night.


Successful combat with some of the defects encountered during the construction of the intersection, the construction of the bridge rapidly Metropolitan teams, the traffic during the work to avoid disruption of the route with a careful work on the route, provided the necessary guidance.

With the opening of the direction of the Bilkent-Eskişehir Highway, the bridge will be taken over the bridge and the transit flow will be provided and the intersection works can be done more easily and quickly. Olu The direction of going to Bilkent will continue below. However, a more comfortable traffic will be provided in both directions. Ancak

Authorities expressing that the intersection is going to be connected to the four sides simultaneously, officials said, ü We poured the asphalt of the bridge which will provide the route to Eskişehir Yolu, pulled its lines, and placed lighting poles and boards dört.


Authorities underlining that the studies at Teknokent Intersection carried out a feverish work for the completion of the city hospital, said, adan We continue our work with an intense pace. We aim to open the bridge in Eskişehir Road after the opening of the bridge in a four-way way. Hopefully the city hospital will be opened to traffic without going into service. We completed our work with a percentage of 80. Çalış

When all connection roads and environmental arrangements are completed at METU Technopolis Junction, the total road length will be 33 kilometers. On the project where the 29 artwork and 2 tunnel will take place, there are 3 bridge junction, 2 bridge and 2 underpass.



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