Meram Final Stable Car Park Will Be Launched This Year

Konya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tahir Akyürek examined the construction of Meram Son Durak Underground Storey Car Park on site. Expressing that the car park will meet an important need of the region, President Akyürek said, “It is a historical service to be able to obtain car parking for approximately 1000 at Meram Son Durak Otopark.

He examined the construction of Meram Son Durak Underground Storey Car Park, which is being constructed by Konya Metropolitan Municipality.


Konya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tahir Akyürek, who received information from the contractor firm and municipality managers about the excavation and construction works, said, Belediye It is a historic service to obtain a parking lot at the car park in Meram Son Durak. We run a large parking lot here. We are expanding the area of ​​the former Şükrü Doruk Primary School by expropriation and we have a large parking lot. It will also operate as a ropeway center that we plan to do in the next period. Citizens will leave their vehicles here and ride on the cable car to Tavusbaba and Gümüştepe. Meram Son Durak'a, they could not find a decent parking. Here we provide a regular parking lot. Burada


Tahir Akyürek stated that the construction of the multi-storey car park is at an important stage. Dile The base, the foundation and the excavation work are in the stage of completion. 3 will be in operation as a storey. There will be some parking and storage space on the ground. I hope this work will be completed this year by our Metropolitan Municipality, parliament and Meram. We would like to thank the producer company for our friends who work here Yapım.

Günceleme: 21/12/2018 18:14

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