Köseköy Junction Will Provide Uninterrupted Transportation

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality continues to implement projects on D-100 Highway within the scope of Transportation Master Plan. The Metropolitan Municipality, with the Köseköy Interchange project, makes the transit of D-100 traffic by arranging the side roads. With the project to be made in the form of tunnel crossing, traffic lights in the region will be removed and the vehicles will be provided with uninterrupted access. 6 firm made a bid for the tender which was realized due to the firm's failure to complete the work.

Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department held a tender to determine the company that will undertake the completion of the project. 6 firm bid on bid. The lowest bid with 41 million 881 thousand 500 TL YAFA Engineering, while the highest bid 52 million 500 thousand TL with ES Industrial Building came from. The company will undertake the project junction 210 will complete the day.

With the arrangement of the Köseköy Junction in the form of a branch and exit, the approximately 20-kilometer D-100 route between Özdilek and Kuruçeşme at the city transition will become uninterrupted. Köseköy Junction will also eliminate the traffic load caused by heavy vehicles entering and leaving the TEM highway. The side roads at the intersection will be connected to the Sabancı Junction side roads. Side roads will be applied as three lanes with turning lanes, and in the tunnel as 2 × 2 lanes.

Within the scope of the project 110 meter closed tunnel (branch-out) 500 meter will be made open part. The project main road will be realized as a thousand 300 meters. In the project 2 thousand 600 meters will be built in the north south side roads. Within the scope of the project, 1 pedestrian bridge will be constructed. In the intersection study 35 bin hot asphalt, 11 thousand square meters of parquet, 10 bin 500 meters will also be used in the border. Stream rehabilitation and infrastructure applications will be carried out.

Companies Offers
YAFA Engineering 41.881.500,00 tbsp
Contact MEHMET AKSEKİLİ 43.623.000,00 tbsp
İLKE YAPI 44.055.900,00 tbsp
HALDIZ CONSTRUCTION 48.196.312,11 tbsp
SİMGE MAT MADEN 49.379.514,74 tbsp
ES INDUSTRIAL 52.500.000,00 tbsp


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