Public Transport Pool System Starts in Kocaeli

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality continues to work to enable citizens to benefit from a more comfortable and quality public transportation service. After the authorization from Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality to obtain “the protocol of providing public transport service by establishing a common pool”, the protocol studies to be carried out between private and public operators providing public transportation services in the Izmit-Derince region continue. Cooperative members were informed about the issue at the meeting held in Antikkapı Resttorant. In the meeting held within this scope, a common decision was made by the parties providing public transportation services regarding the pool system.

Alikahya Bus and Minibus Motor Carriers Cooperative, SS 5 Cooperative with SS 55 no. officials made a compromise with their meetings and consultations. The cooperative authorities brought the contract to the cooperative members and signed it.

Meetings were held in small groups with members in order to share the details of the contract. The pool system was explained during the meetings. One of these meetings was held at Antikkapı with the participation of members of the 520 member of the Kocaeli City Minibus and Bus Transporters Cooperative with SS 5. Deputy General Secretary Gökmen Mengüç, Salih Kumbar, Head of Public Transport Department, public transport cooperative presidents and members participated in the meeting to explain the details of the contract and to get the views of the members.

At the meeting held at the Antikkapı Restaurant, the head of the Public Transportation Department Salih Kumbar started his speech by working with 6 in the morning until 24 and by thanking the shopkeepers who provided public transportation services in the region. Kumbar, in his speech, provided brief information on the purpose and scope of the contract. Later, Lokman Aydemir, Chairman of the Motor Carriers Cooperative of Kocaeli City of Minibuses and Busers no. SS 5, and Mustafa Kurt, Speaker of the Chamber of Tradesmen of Kocaeli City Minibuses and Buses, made speeches. Aydemir and Kurt, members of the meeting, thanking them for coming and presented the brief information about the contract to add traders.

Gökmen Mengüç, Deputy Secretary General of the Metropolitan Municipality, made a presentation about the details and necessity of the pool system agreement. Following the presentation, Mengüç answered the members' questions, suggestions and demands one by one.

Günceleme: 22/12/2018 15:58

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