Izmir-Odemis Train Knocked Down the Lions at the Level Lions 3 Injured

The lions at the level crossing the previous day at the 19: 30 Izmir-Ödemiş train suddenly hit the railroad. 3 injured in the vehicle

The level crossing in the Aslanlar neighborhood continues to mean life due to the lack of warning and warning system. The previous day, the 19: 30'de Izmir-Ödemiş between the commuter train, the railroad suddenly hit the 45 YA 6073 plate hit the car. 3 injured people inside the car, including the driver in the crash occurred. It was learned that one of the wounded was in serious condition.


The situation was reported to the health teams after the accident. The ambulance from the scene of the seriously injured and the victim was quickly removed from the State Hospital. The other two friends waiting to be lifted in the ambulance grasped each other's hands because of the pain they suffered while lying on the floor half unconscious. Wounded by the wounded people to try to endure the pain suffered by the wounded. Two friends were taken to Torbalı State Hospital with an ambulance as soon as possible.


An accident occurred many times before due to the lack of a warning and warning system at the level crossing on the road connecting the Aslanlar District to the Bayındır highway. The accident did not happen by chance. At a level crossing in which drivers had a moment of dire need, the authorities asked the authorities to make a tantan and stimulus system.

Source: torbaliege.net

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