IMM brings together the smart cities of the world in Istanbul

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, which is one of the best municipalities using technology, now brings together the smart cities of the world.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality ISBAK (Istanbul Information and Smart City Technologies Inc.) will host the event, which will be held at Yenikapı Eurasia Show and Art Center on 17-18-19 April under the name of World Cities Congress Istanbul'18.

The World Cities Congress, which will start with the opening speech of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mevlüt Uysal, will be held for three days at Istanbul'18, with the participation of nearly 100 speakers and leading companies in technology from various countries and cities.

The most competent names in their fields will examine the future of smart cities at the World Cities Congress Istanbul'10, where more than 18 thousand professionals are expected to attend.

Giving information to the press members about the World Cities Congress Istanbul'18 today at Feriye Palace, İSBAK A.Ş. General Manager Muhammed Alyürük said that Management, Mobility, Security, Life, Environment, Energy, Economy and Human will be included in the event profile.

- Smart City Istanbul-
In order to facilitate the life of the citizens of the city of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality of all the possibilities of the use of Aliyas, Smart City definition, To improve the quality of life, efficient and efficient use of resources in order to make efficient use of technological facilities and data, the city is integrated with all the stakeholders of the city management it is a sustainable city. sürdür

Emphasizing that a livable world will be possible with efficient, high quality and sustainable smart cities, Alyörük said that they work with the mission of making all systems serving the vision of Smart City İstanbul manageable and sustainable.

-We're Smart City-
In today's world, and Turkey in smart that talk of cities and between cities stressed that the most intelligent cities to be racing there ALYÜRÜK said: "With 15 million people in Istanbul, Turkey's exports and 54 percent that performs as 46 percent of its imports a city. We receive nearly 9 million tourists every year. It is a city that consumes daily 17 thousand tons of waste by citizens and consumes 17 percent of the electricity in the country. Why are we talking about smart cities? The world population continues to increase day by day. According to statistics, there are important statistical studies showing that the world population, which was 1900 billion in the 1.8s, will reach 2050 billion by 9, and the population in the cities will increase with each passing day compared to the rural population. In 1800, 3 percent of the urban population, which was 2017 percent in the early 55s, started to live in urban areas and 45 percent in rural areas. When we look at these statistics, we see that by 2050, approximately 30 percent of the world's population will live in rural areas and 70 percent will live in cities. "

17-18-19 April 2018 date in Yenikapi Eurasia show, which will be held at the Art Center World Cities Congress İstanbul'18' Turk Telekom CEO Paul Doany, Bosch Turkey and Middle East President Steven Young, Denmark - Odense city Bjarke Walmer from administrators and prominent names in their fields such as smart cities expert Renato de Castro, 8-80 Cities Founder and President Guillermo Penalosa, IBM General Manager Defne Tozan, Microsoft General Manager Murat Kansu will attend.

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