Halkapınar-Otogar Light Rail System Project

Kamil Okyay Sındır, Deputy of İzmir, brought the 4.5-kilometer HRS Project between Halkapınar and Otogar on the agenda of the Assembly.

Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan's written question of the proposal between Halkapınar-Bus Station between the 4.5 kilometer HRS process on the agenda of the Council of the US; M It is very important for İzmir to complete and service the High Speed ​​Train (HSS) Project, which is expected to shorten the transportation time between Ankara and İzmir, and which is expected to provide faster, convenient and safe transportation to our citizens. Furthermore, the articulation of the 4.5 kilometer Light Rail System (HRS) Project between Halkapınar and Otogar has created a distinct expectation for the efficiency of urban transportation. Ayrıca

On the other hand, the routes and stations related to the construction of HRS between Halkapınar and Otogar should be shared with the public. CH We have no information other than HRS's High Speed ​​Train Project. This situation causes problems in public and local governments. The uncertainty of the route and station information leaves the relevant units inactive and helpless on this line and in this regard. However, if the Ministry shares the details of this with the relevant authorities, the work and operations such as infrastructure works, renovations or repairs in the mentioned areas can be planned. O

”HRS should be put into operation by the use of the DİR
Stating that leaving the requests of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which requested information from the Ministry for information on the subject, unanswered, was also unacceptable, Izmir Deputy Sındır ended his words as follows: “It is unacceptable that even the information request of the representative authority of the will of our country's third largest metropolis and the people of Izmir is ignored. Central government should be equidistant, fair and transparent to all local governments. In this sense, the route and station information of the project should be shared with local administrations. What is needed to immediately activate the 3 km HRS between Halkapınar and Otogar, which will make a very important contribution to public transportation in the city, should be done immediately.

When was the construction of 1.Ankara - Izmir High Speed ​​Train (YHT) Project started? How many kilometers is the railway to be built between these two cities?

2. What is the start and end timing of the project? What are the cost elements and the total cost?

3.How is the planned number of passengers to be transported per year with the implementation of the High Speed ​​Train (YHT) Project?

4.Ankara - What is the detailed information about the 4.5 kilometer Light Rail System (HRS) construction project between Halkapınar-Otogar which is added to the Izmir High Speed ​​Train (YHT) Project?

What is the cost of the construction and operation of the 5 kilometer Light Rail System (HRS) project between 4.5.Halkapınar-Otogar and how much does it cost?

6.Halkapınar-Bus Station between the 4.5 kilometer HRS route and stations where?

7.Halkapınar-Otogar HRS Project related to the work carried out with the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department or Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Transport Coordination Center? If so, what are they?

8.After the completion of the construction of the Halkapınar-Otogar HRS, what is the estimated number of passengers per year?

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