Akköprü Junction for the first digging shot

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, Konya, Istanbul and Samsun at the intersection of the roads at the intersection of the Akköprü Junction was prepared to relieve the traffic jams in the first digging was shot.

Mayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Assoc. Dr. Mustafa Tuna's revolutionary decisions regarding the transportation of the capital are being implemented. The 24 watches start with uninterrupted transportation, transfer of balance, transportation to the distant districts, municipal bus service, discount on single board cards and many other innovations.

Following the approximately 5,5 kilometers boulevard connecting the Sabancı-Bağlıca boulevards, Akköprü intersection, one of the new junction and road projects that will ease the traffic of the Capital, will be launched from the 2 strip to the 3'er strip.
In the first stage, the opening of the side variant paths that will connect the Konya, Istanbul and Samsun roads to each other, will start with the closure of the schools.

Metropolitan Municipality, which was opened in 1998 and brought great relief to the regional traffic. kazanBy widening the bridge at the dıran Akköprü Junction, it will take the connection connections to the Istanbul Road, located in its middle section, to the right sides of the Konya and Samsun roads.

Akköprü Junction, the current situation, Konya Road-Samsun Road section of the 2 going-2 arrival from the top, Istanbul Road from the bottom 3 going-3 arrival, indicating that the authorities, the center of the bridge open, center-left turn left and right turn. Akköprü crossroads due to the crossing of the existing road, pointing out that the traffic flow troubles, officials noted that a new project has been prepared to eliminate this, and the studies started on the instructions of President Tuna.

The commencement of the side variant paths, which were described as the preparatory stage, were started with the 10 truck, 1 excavator, 1 roller, 1 grader and 15 team members. We will. With the closure of the schools, the expansion of the bridge will begin. Köprü

The bridge between the junction of the junction, the bridge will be removed from the total 6 lane, Istanbul and Ulus return to the right on the roads of Samsun and Konya before entering the bridge will be provided by turning the authorities who made the following statement:
. We are opening a handle on both Konya Road and Samsun Road. With these roads we will open before entering the bridge, our drivers will be able to move both towards Ulus and Istanbul. When we do this, we aim to eliminate the crossing in Akköprü traffic and ensure the continuity of the road and continuous traffic flow. Bunlar

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