Varsak Sarısu Between Express Line

Within the scope of the activities aimed at increasing the citizen satisfaction in public transportation, the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality provided the VS18 Express line between Varsak and Sarısu.

In the 40 minute from Varsak, the first line of transportation to the Sarısu promenade area, the women's beach and the cable car carried the 3 thousand passengers on the first day.

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality continues to produce solutions by means of transportation tradesmen in order to increase citizen satisfaction in urban public transportation. In order to respond quickly to the needs of the city in public transportation and to provide safe, comfortable and uninterrupted service to citizens, radical solutions are being implemented. 1 As of April, 116 continues to renew the routes and routes of buses, including the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Planning and Rail System Department, which includes the new vehicle in the public transportation system.

From Varsak to Tünektepe and easy access to the beach

In response to the demands of the citizens of the Metropolitan Municipality, in this context, the new line of 12 launches in April. First of all, GM30 which connects the Masadağı 24 to the sea in minutes, started the ML22 Express Sarisu-100.Yıl-Meydan line to the expedition and now VS18 Express Varsak Transfer-Sarısu line was launched.

The first day 3 carried a thousand people

VS18 Express line; Varsak Transfer - Yesilirmak Street - Kizilirmak Street - 100. It is located between Yıl Bulvarı - Atatürk Boulevard and Sarısu. A citizen who gets on the bus from Varsak can get to the Sarısu Promenade Area, Tünektepe Cable Car or the Women's Beach in 40 minutes. 15 showed great interest even on its first expedition on April Sunday. The first line of the VS18 Express has met a significant demand by providing access to the full 3 thousand people on the first day.

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