Eminönü-Alibeyköy Tram Line is Ready for the Year

While the activities carried out in the Agenda program at Eyüpsultan, organized by Eyüpsultan Municipality Press and Public Relations Directorate and broadcasted live on Facebook and Instagram every Thursday at 20:23, citizens' questions were also answered.

In the program, where Eyüpsultan Mayor Remzi Aydın was a guest and questions were answered on social media, investment studies in Eyüpsultan were asked.

Expressing that Eyüpsultan will become one of the most comfortable and best districts of Istanbul in terms of transportation, President Remzi Aydın gave the following information:

“An important part of Gayrettepe-Bağcılar Metro passes through our district. It is now under construction and is now coming to an end. Our metropolitan municipality is considering opening it to service by the end of this year.

And when it is opened, passengers who go to Taksim-Şişli-Mecidiyeköy-Kağıthane direction will be able to go very easily by metro.


President Remzi Aydin, Eminonu-Alibeykoy said the tram line will be opened at the end of the year by giving the following:

Bey We have the Eminönü-Alibeyköy tram, which is still under construction. I hope he will be put into service by the end of the year. When this tram line is put into service, passengers going to Unkapanı, Eminönü area can go by tram.

Both metro and tram will ease our transportation. With this two-rail system capable of carrying thousands of passengers per hour, a significant burden of road transport will be reduced me

President Remzi Aydin also gave information about the Silahtarağa Tunnel.

Dı The Silahtarağa Tunnel started. He will be finished by the end of the year. When this tunnel is finished, the traffic in Alibeyköy will be relieved. The connection of bridges, viaducts and rail systems to other districts will be strengthened and diversified.

I believe that by the end of the year, we will become a very comfortable and accessible district. In fact, the traffic congestion in the morning in our district is a bit palliative. Or rather a little temporary.


Especially from Balat, Fener, our district is affected by the back pressure. In fact, there is no traffic jam at any point in our district. We need to do some work in the mornings of Bilgi University there.

In the coming days we will work with the Rector of Bilgi University. I will make a study visit to Bilgi University for about 2-3 hours. We're going to meet with friends who are both relevant to the university and the surrounding area, as well as the traffic flow around it.

We will make some arrangements there. There will be studies and arrangements concerning our Emniyettepe and Güzeltepe neighborhoods. There will be intersection work. We are considering closing the return down from Necatibey.

Therefore, when these studies are done, I can say that the traffic in the direction of Mareşal Fevzi Çakmak, Bilgi University and Kağıthane will be seriously relieved Dolayısıyla


Mayor Remzi Aydın who gave the good news that the transportation of bicycles and bicycles to Eyüpsultan will be formed, said:

“I had a meeting with İSPARK General Manager. I got a word from him too. We have learned that there are some projects related to the creation of bicycle roads and bicycle transportation in major districts in Istanbul.

They did it in Zeytinburnu district. I hope they will do the second in Eyüpsultan. In the coming days, our friends will come and do a feasibility study. We want our citizens to come by bicycle in some of our neighborhoods, where there are flat grounds such as Göktürk and from the central districts of our district to the main transportation axis, namely metrobus stations, tram or metro stations.

They leave their bikes there. We want them back home in the evening. We started a study on this issue. Hopefully in the coming days, we will announce this to our citizens in more detail when the project becomes concrete.

But I'il tell you that. There will be a bicycle path next to the Alibeyköy-Eyüpsultan-Eminönü tram line, which is currently under construction. Therefore, it is possible to travel by bicycle in parallel to the tramway road and our citizens will have the opportunity to travel. Let me give this good news Bun


President Remzi emphasized that Aydın Eyüpsultan would be very comfortable in transportation and used the following statements:

Orum We think that we will be very comfortable in transportation, we will be a very easy to reach district and I use six full sentences. There are so many things I know.

On the one hand, these projects are implemented. On the one hand new projects are being auctioned. It's scheduled. Let's not tell them all. We will explain in due time Zaman

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