Certificate Ceremony at MOTAŞ

Malatya Metropolitan Municipality MOTAŞ was established to provide services in the fields of transportation, training, certification and consultancy services for personnel participating in MELİD Company training programs.

Mayor Ahmet Çakır attended the ceremony held on Wednesday, April, and Enver Sadat Tamgacı, General Manager of MOTAŞ, and personnel who will receive certificates will attend the ceremony.

Prior to the certificate ceremony, Coordinator Funda Yalçınsoy gave information about the company's works, goals and objectives.

Çakır: The training of our staff is very important

After the presentation by coordinator Funda Yalçınsoy, Mayor Ahmet Çakır gave a speech and gave the following statements:

Taşı MOTAŞ has moved Malatya to a certain level as the service sector, which really increases the standards in transportation and gives importance to quality. Along with being the first TRAMBUS brought a different dimension to traffic in Turkey. MOTAŞ conducts activities for long-term transportation of the city not only on the basis of Trambus. Since it is a transportation service sector, the training of our personnel is very important, and there are trainings given during the year to train all of our drivers.

Due to the services and activities of MOTAŞ, it was necessary to establish a company and MELİD was founded. In this context, a staff of trainers is formed within our own staff. With this staff, we will make an intensive effort in the training of all our personnel. We aim to provide quality, reliable transportation service; I believe that we will do better with our new company. Today, we will deliver our certificates to our personnel who have received their first training.

Training services will not be limited to our personnel only. Our company's accreditation kazanWe are planning to give this training to all drivers related to transportation in Malatya. I would like to thank all our staff, especially our MOTAŞ General Manager.”

After the speech made by MELİD company which was established within MOTAŞ to provide service in the fields of transportation, education, certification and consultancy, 16 personnel participated in 'Trainer Training' program and their certificates were given by Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Ahmet Çakır.

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