Beautiful Days Await Bursa

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş stated that Bursa is a versatile city with all its features, and stated that the city will receive the services it deserves with the investments to be made in the coming years.

Bursa leg of the 'Economic Prospects of Cities Forum' organized by the AK Party Economic Affairs Directorate was held in Dobruca Social Facilities. In the forum, which was held in three stages, first the mayors, organization managers and members, and then businessmen, non-governmental organizations and representatives of the association attended.

”Istanbul is a very serious advantage“

Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktaş reminded that a vision was drawn for Bursa in the program 'Şehrim 2023', which was held recently, and that the results of the 'Economic Prospects of the City' will be guiding for managers. Reminding that Bursa is a versatile city with all its features, Mayor Aktaş stated that the city will find the value it deserves with the investments to be put into service. Referring to the importance of all the dynamics in Bursa, industrialists, non-governmental organizations, opinion leaders and other institutions, revealing the expectations and forecasts, President Aktaş said, “This is an industrial city. Now we need qualified, high value added industry. One of the developing aspects of our city is tourism. Although being close to Istanbul seems like a disadvantage, I think it provides a very serious advantage. I believe that we will be at a much more important point in the near future with highway and high speed train investments. With the investments we will make together with the district municipalities, Bursa is waiting for good days. We have to work hard. We must ensure the change and transformation of the city. We continue to listen to every segment while doing these. ”

“The results will lead the way”

Fatma Salman, Vice President of Economic Affairs of the AK Party, said that they have been continuing the 'Economic Prospects of the Cities' project for a few months and that they have completed their work in more than 60 regions. Providing information to the participants about the meeting, Fatma Salman stated that the strategy in Bursa consists of three stages and that they came together with businessmen, non-governmental organizations and academicians after the organizations. Saying that they asked the same questions to the citizens walking on the streets later, Salman said, “We receive their opinions by presenting the draft report we created with the results we received to our ministers and deputies. Then we transfer all the data to our president and prime minister. After the work is completed in all cities, the data will be shared with the public in a report by our president. The data will not only remain in the report. The results will be forwarded to the relevant ministries and institutions and will be followed. We think that every word to be written is important for Bursa. We know that microeconomic data also affects macroeconomic data. The results will lead the future studies, "he said.

AK Party Provincial Chairman Ayhan Salman also stated that they talked about what kind of a city they want to live in the future with the vision of 'My City 2023' in Bursa, and in the last meeting they consulted the city's future economic expectations with the organizations and non-governmental organizations. Salman noted that in every sense of the arrival of Turkey, Bursa is one of the most important dynamic in the process, the city's work and said that he would add value to the country.

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