Bozankaya 9. Electric Bus Showed SILEO at Energy Efficiency Forum

produced in Turkey, it offered the use of the Turkish people, the first electric bus brand BozankayaParticipated in the Energy Efficiency Forum and Fair held at 9.

9 in Turkey. The Energy Efficiency Forum and Fair, which was organized for the first time and participated as a speaker, was held at Istanbul Lutfi Kirdar Convention Center at 29-30 March 2018.

Bozankaya R & D Center and Technology Manager Dursun Cicek, energy-oriented vehicle concept under the title domestically produced Turkey's first 10, 12, 18 and batteries of these vehicles 25 especially electric buses, vehicle range, high efficiency, efficient modular charging systems, He explained the regenerative principle, the electric bus drives SC The SCL ”battery systems, the economy of the electric buses and the green features.

Cicek, tarih We are writing history as a Turkish brand for electric buses. Our R & D center in Turkey and we have worked closely with 100 able to implement our projects quickly. As a result of these figures, we can proudly say that we have been investing in R & D over the last two years with Volkswagen (% 6.4) and BMW (% 6). We use intelligent battery systems in our vehicles. SILEO electric buses 4 with an hourly charge of 400 km range. Our vehicles can also extend this range by storing the energies obtained by the regenerative energy method when going downhill. Araç

Exhibited at the Energy Efficiency Forum and Fair and Bozankaya The new generation of SILEO buses, which come to the forefront with their environmentally friendly, silent and zero emission features, have 100% 10, 12, 18 and 25 meters long models. The new generation SILEO, which can cover the distance of 4 km with an 400 hourly charge, creates a spacious and spacious interior with the use of an electric engine on the axle instead of an internal combustion engine.

Bozankaya The new generation SILEO, which uses different materials in the vehicle frame without increasing the weight compared to the first generation 2014 electric bus which it produced for the first time in 100, has increased the efficiency of its electrical and electronic systems and has more modern lines. All R & D activities of New SILEO aiming to become a new means of transportation in modern cities Bozankaya 100% at R & D Center was realized with the work of local capital and Turkish engineers. With a low 100 low base for fast passenger loading and unloading, the new SILEO will help create environmentally friendly zones with zero emissions in urban transport.

The new generation SILEO is able to recycle braking energy up to% 75, which greatly improves driving distance. The traction motor, which acts as a generator, converts the braking energy into electrical energy and dynamically charges the battery while driving. Considering all road conditions, the new SILEO displays consumption values ​​starting from an average of 0,8 kWh / km.

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