Birdal and Apaydın Investigated High Speed ​​Train Projects

Orhan Birdal, Deputy Undersecretary of Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications and General Director of TCDD İsa ApaydınWith the high-speed train line under construction between Izmir and Banaz, Eşme made studies on the high-speed train construction sites in Alaşehir.

First of all, Mr. Birdal departed from Adnan Menderes Airport with the İZBAN train to Menemen and then to Manisa with TCDD's touring bus. A presentation about the regional studies was made. Later during the tour, Birdal and Apaydın visited the stations located on the itinerary and met with the staff.
Mr. Birdal and Apaydın then received a briefing from the contractor firm officials about the high speed train works in Alaşehir. Then Esme'ye moved to the field studies were made.

Deputy General Manager of TCDD İsmail Hakkı Murtazaoğlu, Head of Private Office Haluk Atik, 3. Regional Manager Selim Koçbay, İZBAN AŞ. Seçkin Mutlu, İzmir Metro General Manager and İZBAN AŞ. Deputy General Manager Sönmez Alev, Regional Assistant Nizamettin Cicek, Soner Head, Head of Railway Construction Department Basar Karaman, Head of Railway Modernization Hasan Hüseyin Güney and Service Managers accompanied Mr. Birdal and Apaydın'ın examination and travel.



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