Toilets at AŞTİ and Kızılay Metro Station will be Free

Toilets at AŞTİ and Kızılay Metro Station will be made free by Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Assoc. Dr. Mustafa Tuna rolled up his sleeves to make the toilets at the Red Crescent Metro Station and AŞTİ, which are used extensively by the citizens, for free. Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Assoc. Dr. Mustafa Tuna said, “We wanted the toilets to be free of charge so that the passengers coming and going to AŞTİ can meet the needs of citizens easily. Working workers will not be victimized, we do not have a problem with them. Workers, depending on the company of our municipality, will do the maintenance and cleaning of the area and receive their salary from the company. Toilets free of charge is a decision for the citizens. We do not have the idea that the business manager should come out and give it to someone else. Something like an acquaintance does not disappear, it cannot be, it does not suit us. Passengers are our guests. "It would be a shame if we get money for the toilet from the passenger going from Ankara, coming to Ankara or going to transit through Ankara."


Stating that toilets are also free at airports, Tuna said, “The income level of passengers traveling by bus is known. Toilets at airports are not paid, why should they be paid here. This is a social need. Allah gives sustenance, and there are other ways to earn money. In cases where the citizens will meet their needs, it will not be possible if we get money. The man has no money in his pocket stuck. There have been murders in some places related to this. There is no need for these either. The ones below the metro stations will also be free. Notifications were sent to toilet operators. I hope we wish there was no problem. We do business in accordance with the legislation. Our main goal is to meet the needs of citizens for free. If we cannot meet the basic needs of the citizen as a municipality, then let's close and go ”he said.



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