New Expeditions in Public Transportation in Antalya

In order to increase the satisfaction of the citizens of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, it strengthens the public transportation in the city with new lines. 1 As of April, GM24 Güzeloba-Mevlana-Masadağı and ML22 Express Sarisu-100.Yıl-Meydan lines, which bring the Masadağı to the sea, began their voyages. Citizens are very pleased with the new lines.

1 75 12 41 8,5 116 12 24 22 100 XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX he adds. In this context, the new line of XNUMX will start the stage stage in April. Breathing the mass transportation with new solutions, the Metropolitan Municipality first launched new routes to ease the transportation of Masadağı, Sarısu and Meydan. Providing comfortable and economical transportation services to citizens, the Metropolitan Municipality, by the bus number GMXNUMX for the first time; Relieving the transportation between Güzeloba-Mevlana-Masadağ; MLXNUMX started to public transportation between Express line and Sarısu-XNUMX.Yıl-Meydan.

Masadağı'dan Güzeloba 30 minute
The Metropolitan Municipality, by adding a new line upon the high demand from the citizens in Kepez Region, facilitated access to Masadağı-Güzeloba. A bus ride from Masadağı, the 30 can reach Güzeloba in minutes. Fatoş Köymen, who sits at Masadağı and describes the new line as 'awesome', said, ıda We are always in business in the bazaar; My mother is sitting in the center of our day with my children going to her, this new line was a very gratifying innovation for us. My travel to the center will be easier, faster and more comfortable. I would like to thank the Metropolitan Municipality Büyük.

God bless from Türel
Kütükçü District Headman Mustafa Şimşek said that they were satisfied with the service they had been waiting for for years and said, Başkan Masadağı is one of the places where transportation is troublesome.

I can go home without a transfer
GM24 is the first to use the Güzeloba- Tableau line and is pleased to be able to return home without transfer, said Ayten Dursun: ı These new bus services made us happy. We have children going to school, there are people going to work, we have people going to the sea. Everybody's got no car so he can go and go. The new line for transportation to Sarısu will come. We're very happy about that. Transportation will be easy and convenient for us. Artık

My wife got rid of me getting a car
ML22 The Sarısu-100.Yıl-Meydan Express line provides citizens with access to the Meydan from the Konyaaltı area in a short time. Sevinç Koçer, who expressed his satisfaction from the passenger arrivals at certain stops on the route, said: du I got on Konyaaltı and it is very advantageous that the bus goes directly to the Square and it goes fast. I'm taking the bus with the baby car, because our buses are comfortable, we don't have to fold the car anymore. Our drivers don't warn us that this is a great convenience for us mothers. We are pleased. I won't insist on my wife to buy me a car anymore. Artık

I won't waste time in traffic
Ali Karakoç, who lives in Konyaalti district, stated that he lost a lot of time in traffic during the day when he was in the bazaar but he could return to work with the newly opened ML22 Express line. Yeni ML22 is the Express Line. I will use this line now because it provides faster transportation. We needed it on such a line. Böyle

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