Akçaray Daily broke its own record with 36 Thousand Passengers

Served by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, Akçaray attracts more and more attention. Providing comfortable transportation in short periods with the east-west axis of Izmit, Akçaray broke the record for its own road transport as a result of demand from the citizen. Akçaray reached the number of 36 thousand passengers per day and broke his own record.

200 5 613 839 241 269 7 36 XNUMX XNUMX The shortening of the expedition ranges allowed citizens to prefer Akçaray in transportation. The daily voyage number is increased from XNUMX to XNUMX. Fast, economical and comfortable because of the preferred number of passengers in a day Akçaray XNUMX thousand thousand were recorded as.

1 As of March, the 7 stops at a stop per minute, while the 6 serves citizens every minute. Expeditions are driven by 10 vehicles during peak hours. With the arrival of the 7 minutes, citizens can comfortably reach their destination without stopping at the stops.

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