Like Eskişehir, Adana Revolted

Kayseri City Hospital tram line was made by the Ministry in Adana was also reacted. Regional newspaper, "There is no Adana to Kayseri" comment-news was made in the title.

The tram line to the city hospital in Kayseri was announced a while ago by the Ministry. The tram line that will go to the city hospital in Eskişehir is done by the Metropolitan Municipality with its own means.

Then Yılmaz Büyükerşen yap We are trying to make our tram project which is going to the ongoing City Hospital as Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality with our own means with a thousand difficulties. However, we learned that the construction of the tramway going to the City Hospital in Kayseri was undertaken by the Ministry of Transport. As we have said for years, the Ministries are the right ones to do their investments according to the principle of equality in service rather than the votes they receive from the cities. My dear fellow citizens know very well that, from the day we took office, we will continue to do all of our projects despite all the difficulties, and then we will continue to do so Sevgili.

The regional newspaper in Adana also reported on the developments with the title of lı There is Kayseri, there is no Adana Adana. In the news in question, the MHP Mayor Hüseyin Sözlü from MHP said, ey The 40 of the municipal income goes to the metro debt '.

Büyükerşen's reaction is also included in the report, "Rail system took over the Ministry of Transportation" is also noteworthy. Again, Erdogan's words during his prime ministry is reminded of the promise. The same statement CHP Adana deputy Zülfikar İnönü Tümer also reminds. Columnist Nevzat Uçak'ın 'open letter to the President Uçak corner is also included in the news. Airplane, in his article demands that Adana be saved from the subway hunchback.

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