Kadıköy's Main Entrance is Closed for 1 Year ... The Bridge on Tıbbiye Street is being destroyed

According to the statement made by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, the highway bridge over Tıbbiye Street will be demolished due to the renovation work on the Haydarpaşa - Gebze commuter line.

Üsküdar and KadıköyHaydarpaşa Bridge on Tıbbiye Street, which connects the city, is demolished as part of the Marmaray project. Üsküdar KadıköyThe main artery leading to will remain closed for 1 year.

According to the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, temporary measures will be taken in the region within the framework of the studies to be started this evening.

Bus, minibus, minibus, taxi and shuttle services From Eyüp Aksoy Street right now KadıköyIt will be able to enter the Rıhtım Avenue by using the two lanes of the four-lane General Şahap Gürler Avenue, which is used as the main exit from.
From Haydarpaşa Numune Hospital KadıköyA separate road will be constructed for pedestrians walking to. The Medicine Bridge renovation work is planned to be completed in about 1 year.

Photo: gazetekadikoy

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