Passenger Transportation on BTK Line Starts this Year

Minister Arslan: ”The quality of trains and railway infrastructure increased. We added sleepers to Van Lake Express. We did this for the Kurtalan Express. Kur

Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ahmet Arslan participated in a television program and explained the investments and works of his Ministry.

Noting that Turkey has become significant in Asia with the railway project as a bridge between Europe said the Minister Arslan said: "The two continents linked and under the sea with uninterrupted railway Marmaray Project has become possible. BTK was a complement to this. Georgia, Turkey and Azerbaijan's cooperation with a very nice project was implemented. The President of the Republic of Turkey, then Minister of the Prime Minister in the period of this project began. As a bureaucrat, I had the chance to drop a pinch of salt. Benim

”Kazakhstan has committed to deliver 10 million tons to the BTK line.“

Carriage of alternative lines on the outside of the BTK, noting that the economic Arslan, the southern corridor of a load between the two continents between the time to pass the 45 to 62 days, the northern corridor due to climatic conditions due to cuts, said: wants to keep the continuity and wants to know when and where to send the load without interruption. There is such an advantage of the Middle Corridor from our country. a load lifted from China, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey using the shortest in Europe can go as soon as possible. What's a short time? 12 to 15 between days You are loading the load to the train and your load can reach the batch uninterruptedly. The highway is also carrying an alternative but fragmented; You can carry the whole load by rail at once. demir

Or 240 million tons of cargo is moving between China and the EU. 10-2 fold increases when we carry 3 to BTK.

Yan The world's eye was on the BTK Project because it revived the Silk Road. We had a very nice cooperation and we opened the 30 in October. From Kazakhstan to China and overseas to go overseas to the ports of Mersin and Iskenderun are coming to the ports. Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkey to cooperate with the life of this project, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, China will also fold. We became members of Trans Caspian Railway Union. 28 years about the railways in Turkey. 5 carry tons of cargo. Only Kazakhstan has committed to deliver a million tons of 10 to the BTK line. Now he stands behind this commitment. China-Europe, Europe-China annually 240 million tons of container freight is being transported. We will take this even load up cargo handled last year in Turkey so that we take the 10, 2-3 will be removed to fold our transport load on today. "

”BTK will be a very important route for tourism“

Arslan said that there will be passenger transportation with BTK and said, At the beginning, we aim a million, 3-3,5 million passengers in the process. It will also be an important route for tourists who prefer rail. When the 500-600 is over the road, people prefer the airline. BTK will be a route especially for those who travel in terms of tourism. We have many values ​​on this route. In this sense, our values ​​will be revealed. Azerbaijani passengers departing from Kazakhstan, Kars, Konya stops in the intermediate stops where I want to stop and will prefer BTK'ı said.

“We want to make the rail system uninterrupted“

Minister Arslan, noting that much of the increased shipments through Turkey, said: "You make your move seamless downloading from the train after train load put, this is important. There's a Caspian crossover. All three countries put additional train ferries on the expedition. Turkmenistan, at the beginning of May, put the Turkmenbasi port into service with great magnification. Kazakhstan is also expanding the Aktava port in the same way. The train is aimed at uploading the cargo with the ferisi. We are working between Derince and Tekirdağ. Marmaray, which is important for our country, will serve the night freight trains. Again, we planned the Third Bridge to be a railway line. Four departures for four arrival cars. In the middle of the two lines, train projected to pass. We are going to start the bidding process for the projects to end. We will use the sea but we want to make the rail system uninterrupted. Because there will be many burdens on this line, sea passage and Marmaray will not be enough. Çünkü

Referring to the Build-Operate-Transfer Model, Arslan said that the growth of the economy will be left after the country is not accessible and accessible and the investments made with the build-operate-transfer model are very important in the development of the country.

Inin In addition to the Eastern Express, we added sleepers to Vangölü and Kurtalan expressions “

Arslan pointed out that high-speed trains, the spread of divided roads throughout the country will remain in the places where the people will reside and that migration will be prevented by reversing the migration and said about the Eastern Express: ına We neglected the railway infrastructure for years. A hundred years ago, we made the road to trains at 120 miles. We didn't renew the road. The roads were old, we dropped the speed to 100 and then we didn't renew the roads, we said that trains should go with 80, 60 would go away quickly N Remember, while the train was on the way to the train, the taxi would have sounded in the tukada, the taxi would have no chance of sleeping. In the past there was a sleeper on the trains, but you could not sleep. Now what we do is: up to the Doğukapı, the highest point of our country, until Akyaka, we renewed the way to the border with Armenia, renewed the tracks, renewed our trains, and so our people made a comfortable journey. Okay, the trip takes 24 hours, but our people see it as a pleasure, not grieving. He's on his way to the Eastern Express, on his way back by plane, or on an airplane, on his way back to Eastern Express. We did something else. We made places where people would stay around Çıldır Lake, we took ships last year, we did scaffolding. Not only for Çıldır Lake but also for many places to stay in Sarıkamış. There are now comfortable places where people will stay. Those who had already come to Kars could not find a hotel with an 5 star. In addition, the entry of the Ani Ruins into the World Heritage List is very important in this regard. These are complementary. The quality of trains and railway infrastructure has increased. We also requested the Van Lake Express, so we added sleepers. We did this for the Kurtalan Express. Kur

Hem Practical, comfortable and safe ways with Intelligent Transport Systems “

Arslan said that very important works have been done in the name of transportation and access, smart transportation systems have been established in cooperation with the relevant institutions in order to secure the roads; he said it would be less.

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  1. If you build a transportation line with hybrid trains, first between Istanbul and Baku and then between Izmir and Mersin and Baku. Then you will go down in history as the second Nuri Demirağ of our country.