Flights at Istanbul New Airport to Start on May 15

The Istanbul New Airport (INA), which is planned to be opened on 29 October as the largest airport in the world, is approaching the end. While the direction signs are placed on all roads leading to the airport, the first plane for testing purposes will be able to land on May 15. It was learned that the deliveries will be made at the beginning of June, to the companies, which will have a total investment amount of 10.2 billion euros and will provide employment for approximately 100 thousand people.


When completed, the annual passenger capacity of the project is predicted to reach 200 million, and there will be 6 runways in total. Provisional acceptance at the airport to begin the process also takes place from August 30 another first in Turkey. The Meteorology Tower is being built in the project that makes the world jealous. 6 thousand 3 security guards will work in the giant project that will be monitored with 500 thousand cameras. When the project is completed, it will contribute greatly to the economy in every field. It has been learned that the tower, which will be built at the new airport, will be equipped with the world's most advanced meteorological technical equipment, radar and satellite. When the tower is completed, weather information will be instantly given to airline companies by the Meteorology Directorate. In the first phase of INA, 90 percent of which are completed, there will be two independent parallel runways. The number one runway with a length of 3 thousand 750 meters and a width of 60 meters was made ready.

While the second runway is expected to be completed by the end of May, the lighting of the taxiways is continuing. Airplane crossing bridges planned as 143 units can accommodate two to three aircraft. Normally the 114 will be serviced on board at the same time. All of the bridges planned to be completed in July will be tested. The light of the terminal building at the airport will be reflected without interruption. The light of the building will type in and you will get maximum in winter. In this way, it is planned not to let the cold in summer and cold in winter. Only the annual monetary value of electricity and water savings 3 million pounds.

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