Zapatero: Başkent If You Need to Choose a Capital in the World, It Would Be Absolutely Istanbul Z

📩 21/12/2018 18:21

Speaking at the "World Smart Cities Congress 2018" held at the Yenikapı Eurasia Art and Performance Center hosted by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Former Prime Minister of Spain Zapatero said, “If we had to choose a capital in the world, it would definitely be Istanbul. "A city with a very deep history creates a passage between continents, a bridge between cultures."

Istanbul Metropolitan Mayor Mevlüt Uysal, the Minister of Science, Industry and Technology Faruk Özlü, Former Prime Minister of Spain José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, Governor of Istanbul Vasip Şahin, IMM bureaucrats and officials of many leading companies in local and foreign technology attended.

Speaking at the "World Smart Cities Congress 2018", Zapatero said, "Istanbul may have a leadership in smart cities". Stating that the future of humanity is directly connected with the future of cities, Zapatero continued his speech as follows: “Because 70 percent of the world's population lives in cities. Therefore, it is not possible to prevent this trend. We have experienced a radical change in the last century. New technologies, applications, platforms and new cities are not created, but cities are being created from scratch. So if we think more original and authentic, cities turn into more livable places for citizens. For him, for the future, for people, for pedestrians. Cities where public transportation is conceptualized with sustainability. And cities are emerging where all social services are expanded and cultural activities are organized where risks are reduced. Of course, it is very important in culture here. Culture is at the heart of a smart city. Here in Istanbul, there is a mission and a mission towards smart cities. Istanbul can become the leader in this regard. It can establish itself a leading position in the network of cities around the world. "

-Avrupa of Turkey Needs Var-
"Smart Cities World Congress 2018" also spoke Zapatero, the Prime Minister stated that his period in Spain set up a special friendship relations with Turkey, "Spain and Turkey have some common points. They are two countries with a very large history. They are also countries that have connections and great civilizations. These two states are open to relationships percent of Turkey and Spain. There is enormous potential in this regard. There is a peaceful cooperation between civilizations. Especially with President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, we created a joint cultural and civilizational cooperation. Here we started a struggle against radicalism, hatred, violence and incomprehension, ”he said.

"The European Union needs Turkey that it should be clearly understood," said Zapatero continued: "Otherwise, Europe will remain incomplete and will be limited. I even want to underline smart globalism within the scope of these smart cities. Global mind in the world is the method that will lead us to some peaceful solutions in the future. So I am appealing to all governments and big companies. There are concepts such as big data, virtual intelligence, telecommunications, platforms, applications that force us to do some things in the world. Significant developments have taken place for civilizations that have never been seen before. New opportunities have emerged for health, energy, education and a better life. All of this is happening thanks to mobile technology. This smartphone you see in my hand has become almost as important as our family. We can no longer live without a phone. It affected our lives and changed the world. "

- We Had A Radical Change In The Last Century
Underlining the need for governments to support virtual intelligence and technology, Zapatero noted that these technological developments must be developed to contribute to world peace.

Stating that applications should become the methods that should be used to improve tolerance and reduce violence, Zapatero underlined that everyone, especially those who suffered during the civil war in Syria, should make efforts to reduce hate with new technological methods.

Zapatero emphasized that one of the cities that are trying to implement smart technologies is Istanbul, and that this historic city is a bridge that unites the deep-rooted and leading east and west.

After the speeches, Spanish Prime Minister Zapatero cut the opening ribbon of the “World Smart Cities Congress 2018” with the guests. Also participating in the introduction of the electric autonomous vehicle developed by IETT, Zapatero answered the questions posed by the press members.

"What do you think about Istanbul?" Zapatero gave the following answer to a question like: “If it was necessary to choose a capital in the world, it would definitely be Istanbul. Istanbul is a city with a very deep history, a gateway between continents, a bridge between cultures. If you were not in Istanbul, Turkey, the world would not be what it is currently. Europe needs Turkey. A Europe without Turkey will be very much weaker. First of all, Istanbul should be the leader of smart cities, it should be a leader in the technology revolution. We want Istanbul to be the capital of peace first and then tolerance, together with artificial intelligence. And we have to do this together. Turkey and Spain together. "

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mevlüt Uysal, who visited the fair area with his guest, said, “In the past, Istanbul had already done this. It had become the capital of peace and tolerance. I hope it will be like this from now on ”he said.

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