GAZİRAY to save both Foundation and Fuel

Gaziray ends at 2019
Gaziray ends at 2019

The base of Gaziray, which will provide modern suburban services in the comfort of metro between Başpınar and Oduncular in Gaziantep, is the Minister of Transport, Maritime and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan on April 21. The ceremony was held with a ceremony held in Gaziantep Gar Square.


In his speech, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ahmet Arslan stated that the industry of Gaziantep would grow when they reached the ports through railways, divided roads, and roads by saying that the railway routes should be developed and brought together with the ports in order to bring the raw materials in Gaziantep and its raw materials to the target markets. told.

Gaziray's project cost to facilitate the lives of 1 billion 100 million TL that records Arslan, the million TL part of the 580 million TL part of the Metropolitan Municipality of Diyarbakir and 520 million is met by the partnership and this is the definition of doing business, he said. Arslan, ine 25,5 km line was made in the form of 4 line, 2 line metro standards to serve the suburban trains to the service, 2 line was also made high speed train, conventional train and freight train. I hope that the beginning of the 2019 1 even before the eastern part of Gaziray to open and offer the service of the people of Antep and 100 to carry a thousand people. And I hope we will complete the project in the coming year with the capacity to serve 358 thousand people by opening the whole line in the next year. Al

UDH Minister Ahmet Arslan stated that Gaziray is important for the transportation and access of Gaziantep and that Gaziantep should be able to go to Istanbul with high speed train, to Osmaniye to Mersin, to Adana, to Konya, and more importantly to Şanlıurfa to east. and Gaziantep-Osmaniye-Adana-Mersin. The project is about 3 billion Turkish liras. The fact that Gaziantep is producing the raw material that Gaziantep has to the ports is 3 billion in Turkish lira but we are not satisfied with it. From Ulukışla to Karaman, from there to Konya and then to Eskişehir and Istanbul, they will be able to go by high-speed train to Ankara via Konya. More importantly, our guests coming to Gaziantep can go to Sanliurfa in the eastern direction. We started his project too. A week ago we have presented the capital to the service of our nation now put the foundations of Gaziray. I he said.


Speaking at the ceremony, Minister of Justice Abdulhamit Gul, emphasizing that a dream for Gaziantep is more real, in I hope the Gaziray project will raise the bar of our Gaziantebimiz much higher. Thanks to Gaziray, we will save both time and fuel and contribute to keeping our environment clean. Especially for the workers working in OIZ will also be a very important opportunity. Özellikle


Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality President Fatma Sahin in his speech at the ceremony, in order to unite people in Gaziantep in order to combine the people who contributed to the efforts, Gaziray Prime Minister Binali Yildirim as a Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications from the period they want is a project, he said. Sahin, UDH Minister Ahmet Arslan, addressed to, N Mr. Minister Gaziray last meeting we made about the 25,5 km Gaziray'ın 5.5 km sunk-output confirmation you gave us. Following the approval of the President of the project, we have implemented a project where a metropolitan municipality could not even dare. Cumhur


TCDD General Manager İsa Apaydın President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said, ip The road is civilization. The railway is civilization., 2003 billion railway mobilization started in the year 85 billion investments have been invested in a significant transformation and transformation in the railway sector, emphasizing that değişim high-speed and fast rail projects in this period, which we call the golden age of our railways, modernization of existing lines, logistics centers in the city many projects have been implemented, from railways to modern rail systems to the development of the railway industry. sistem

Apaydın says that Ankara-İzmir, Ankara-İzmir, Bilecik-Bursa, Konya, Karaman, Adana, Mersin, Osmaniye and Gaziantep have been continuing their works with high speed railway networks. Adana-Osmaniye-Gaziantep between the 160-200 speed / speed line in accordance with the planned rapid rail line and the construction of the journey will be shortened travel time, we will provide comfortable and quality service to our people. Gaziantep

In order to increase the share of rail systems in urban transportation, after the Marmaray and İzmir Egeray in Istanbul, the General Manager of TCDD reminded that the Başkentray Project was successfully completed and commissioned with the aim of providing suburban services in subway comfort in the city transportation in Ankara. İsa ApaydınŞehir With the Gaziray Project, which will be laid today, our railway will be integrated with urban transportation. Gaziray, with the 16 suburban station to be built, will allow you to travel in the comfort of 25,5 km or even metro. Thanks to the project, sufficient traffic infrastructure capacity for suburban, conventional and high-speed train operations is being established between Başpınar and Oduncular stations. Proje

Following the speeches, GAZİRAY's foundation laying ceremony was held.


Gaziray Project is being implemented with the cooperation between TCDD and Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality in order to carry the contribution of İzban / Egeray Project in İzmir to the industrial and commercial capital of Gaziantep of Southeastern Anatolia.

The project, which aims to create sufficient traffic capacity for high-speed train, conventional train and suburban operation, will create a signaled and electric new railway between Başpınar-Gaziantep-Oduncular.

Within the scope of Gaziray Project, a total of 2 km new railway is being constructed within the 2 km route, including 25,5 suburban lines and 112 high speed train line.

Gaziantep station will be integrated with city transportation and will be a transfer center.

Gaziray, which will reduce the travel time between Başpınar and Oduncular to 30 minutes, will serve 5 thousand passengers daily with the trains run in 358 minutes.

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