Autism Awareness Event in Adana Metro

Adana Metropolitan Municipality organized a musical event in Adana Subway on 2 April World Autism Awareness Day together with volunteers of ZİÇEV Foundation. 1-5 brochures on autism were distributed to subway passengers in order to raise awareness of autism in children between the ages of 14 years, which impair social interaction and communication, but can be treated with early diagnosis.

Adana Metropolitan Municipality Department of Transportation, 2 April World Autism Awareness Day, Training and Protection of Mentally Handicapped Children (ZİÇEV) Adana Branch members, children with autism and their families hosted. ZİÇEV volunteers and children with autism, who took the subway, sang songs accompanied by guitars along the 13 kilometer route and distributed leaflets that raised awareness.

ZİÇEV volunteers stated that autism is a neurobiological disorder that damages social interaction and communication and prevents brain development, and that when an early diagnosis, education and family counseling is given, the individual can reach the level of independent living. ZİÇEV executives thanked the Mayor of Adana Hüseyin Sözlü for their support to the awareness event.

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