Artificial Intelligence in Fast Train Technologies

Nowadays, technology is evolving day by day. As such, the artificial intelligence we saw in the movies became a reality and became an indispensable element of our lives. In fact, we use artificial intelligence technology in our daily life. Meanwhile, China Railway Company announced that Bejing-Shenyang railway line has begun testing the use of artificial intelligence in high-speed railway technologies in Liaoning.

Artificial intelligence to be used for fast train and details

China said it tested artificial intelligence on high-speed trains. After the explanations, some details appeared. When we look at the details, the test work that will last until the end of September is said to be a comprehensive work for the wagon, traction control, command, communication and security systems of high speed trains using smart technologies including the de Fuxing Hao H train that can run at 350 speed per hour.

China is also using advanced technologies such as the Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, Big Data and the Beidou Satellite Positioning System while developing intelligent high-speed trains. In addition, the new generation of intelligent construction, smart equipment and smart enterprise technologies will increase the level of comprehensive. Thus, high-speed trains are expected to be safer, more efficient, green, convenient and comfortable.

Finally, the tests are still going on. The results of the ongoing tests will provide technical support for Beijing-Zhangjiakou and Beijing-Xiongan high-speed train lines for construction work.

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