85 Not Made From Total 51 Project in Kaman, Izmit and Gebze


GOOD Party Provincial Chairman Serdar Kaman, since the 2009 Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality in the context of the election work continues to tell the projects he did not promise. Kaman said yapıl 2009 has not done 85 from 51 project in Izmit and Gebze in XNUMX K.

GOOD Party Provincial Chairman Serdar Kaman, the weekly regular press release this week, the Metropolitan Municipality of district municipalities promised projects did not make the table. GOOD Party Provincial Chairman Serdar Kaman, "Metropolitan Municipality, 9 promised 52 years in Izmit 27 project in Gebze promised 33 24 project," he said.

GOOD Party Provincial Chairman Serdar Kaman, inde As it is known last week, the Metropolitan Municipality promised what was done and not done. The brochure contains the local election declaration described in 29 March 2009. As in the previous week, we will evaluate the promises made and the promises made in the district districts this week. We will evaluate 12 every week. The promises mentioned here 5 9 year after the end of the year has passed. As an opposition party, we are following the ruling party's promises. Bir

Kaman, yer 52 project was promised for Izmit, but 9 was completed in 25 year. Projects such as monorail, railroad, metrobus, cable car, city square were not made. No steps were taken for the town square, especially for the Thursday Market. Continue printing museum, photo museum, giant aquarium, Sekaray, crystal congress center, D-100'a alternative to the double road, the industry 's front of the intersection, the city square, closed car park, Kandıra road to the junction were just starting. Projects such as women's family health center, disabled park, Izmit bird paradise park, sports facilities in Bekirdere and Umuttepe sports complex were not made. These projects were promised in the 5 year in the promises. But 9 was not done despite years. They didn't make the promised 27 project, Söz he said.

In Gebze, 9 announces projects that are not implemented in the year. K 33 project was promised in Gebze. 5 9 project has been completed and 9 project is completed and 24 project is not completed. The integration of Marmaray with the Metrobus, the promised railroad between Gebze and Maşukiye, the cable car between Gebze-Eskihisar and the Yenimahalle bridge crossing is over but it still cannot be opened. Gebze OSB said the new double way to be made, this was not done. Ular No steps were taken for the projects such as double road to Pelitli village, Gebze, Topçular and Darıca railway, social housing in Gebze, Gebze treatment plant, waste water collector, women's family health center, disabled park, Gebze amateur sports clubs center ze.

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