7. THY Science Expo Starts Science Festival

'The Technologies of the Future' by the Metropolitan Municipality of Bursa '7. The excitement of Turkish Airlines Science Expo Science Festival started. Turkey in the field of Science carries the distinction of being the largest Expo, April 29 from each other until the market will be the scene of colorful events.

Metropolitan Municipality of Eskişehir Bilecik Development Agency (BEBKA) in collaboration with the 'Future Technologies' held with the main theme' 7. THY Science Expo Science Festival, TUYAP Fair Center has started with an enthusiastic ceremony.

Mayor Alinur Aktas, in his speech at the opening program, '7. THY pointed to the value of Science Expo Science Festival. 26-29 said the event will bring together science enthusiasts President in April Aktas, many years ago 'Science Festival' as the organization began today in Turkey's largest science festival 'become emphasized.

”There is great labor in the study“

Providing information about the festival, which is developing every year and whose content is getting richer, President Aktaş said, ği We continue our way by making more workshops every year and benefiting more students from here. Of course, there is great labor behind this work. I would like to thank Fehim Ferik, the Coordinator of the Bursa Science and Technology Center (BTM), and his colleagues for their contributions to the organization. This work has a frantic preparation period of at least 4-5 per month. Eventually, these beauties appear. The event also includes teams from Poland, France, Italy, Holland, Singapore, Taiwan and Saudi Arabia. Teams coming from overseas will add color to the festival with their workshops as well as science shows. Yurt

“We need high value-added production“

Chairman Aktas, industry, trade, tourism and agriculture in Bursa, said that there are many features, birçok Bursa then needs more qualified industry and jobs. We must work in this direction. Working with all institutions and organizations, we should make moves in order to produce high value-added products. I believe that this festival will also provide an infrastructure for this goal, ”he said.

Students will develop the ability to imagine

Bursa Provincial National Education Director Sabahattin Dülger in his speech, '7. He said that Turkish Airlines Science Expo will make significant contributions to students' education, imagination and future. Dülger stated that the most budget in state investment has been allocated to education and training in recent years and that individuals who are equipped with knowledge and skills and who have mastered today's technology should be trained. Dr. Dülger, Science Expo with the students' ability to imagine the development will be touched.

”This year's target 90 bin workshop“

BEBKA Secretary-General Ismail Gerim gave examples from the activities of BEBKA, '7. He explained the works to be done within the framework of Turkish Airlines Science Expo. Stating that very good works have been presented to Science Expo since 2012, Gerim said ın To date, 675 has hosted a thousand people. In 2017, a workshop was held close to one thousand. This year's target is 78 bin workshop. This year, 90 project from the province of 78 came. 1265 will last for days; workshops, science shows and conferences as well as guests from foreign countries will take place atölye.

TUBITAK Vice President Assoc. Dr. İlker Murat Ar, who is sensitive to scientific issues in the point of young people '7. Emphasizing the importance of Turkish Airlines Science Expo, he thanked to President Aktaş who supported the festival.

After the speeches, Mayor Aktaş presented plaques to the representatives of the institutions and organizations supporting the festival and the sponsor companies. Later, Mayor Aktaş and BTM Coordinator Fehim Ferik visited the stands opened within the scope of the event and talked about their scientific studies with the students. sohbet He.

Rich activity program

In the science festival, where activities will be held for 4 days in Bursa, project competitions in 110 different categories with a total prize money of 6 thousand TL, the 'Professions Compete' program and the 'Mangala Tournament' where the world record will be broken will be held. The festival, which will also include unmanned aerial vehicles, drones and science shows, will host many conferences. During the event, many different simulators will add color to the organization. In the project competitions organized with the main concept of 'Future Technologies', a total of 15 projects that made it to the finals, 20 in the child and young inventors category and 35 in the master inventors category, were announced. Finalist projects are eligible to be exhibited during the Science Expo. kazanwas. 50 teams in the unmanned aerial vehicles and drone competition, 25 teams in the autodesk design and modeling competition, 4000 students in the mangala competition and 35 teams in the 'Professions Compete' will compete in the final. Within the scope of the competition, the winners of the projects will be given a monetary award between 16 and 100 thousand TL. During the festival, nearly 150 scientific workshops will be held in XNUMX different areas. Participants in Turkey's largest science-society event will be able to attend workshops in their fields of interest.

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