Gold Year For Istanbul With 3.Airport

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mevlüt Uysal, who participated in the opening of Tourism Week, said: Turizm Istanbul has no missing tourism cities. There's more. We need to treat tourists coming to our country as if we were guests coming to our house. Biz

15-22 Tourism Week, which will be organized in April with a series of events, was held at the Museum of Turkish and Islamic Arts. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Governor Vasip Şahin, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism Ömer Arısoy, Istanbul Provincial Tourism Director Coşkun Yılmaz and the leading names of the tourism sector and many local and foreign guests attended the opening ceremony attended by the Istanbul Mayor Mevlüt Uysal.

-Istanbul No Rest of Paris
Speaking at the opening of the Tourism Week, President Mevlüt Uysal said that Istanbul can accommodate tourists between 35-40 Millions as tourism capacity compared to other countries.

Noting that Istanbul has no more than Paris, President Uysal said, “The reason why Istanbul receives less tourists than Paris is not because of itself but because of us. As executives, we have people who have a profession in tourism and our citizens living in Istanbul have to do Yönetic.

-We will have serious works related to historical works
That incorporates all branches of Turkey's tourism and this aspect of the world continued in a good location is describing President Uysal said: "The sea and sun tourism from countries around the world in the best spot we look at in terms of we are one. Although we were very strong in terms of culture, we could not compete with other countries. We have recently held a meeting with the leaders of the tourism sector. After that, we will continue our work much more intensified. In the name of tourism, we will take the steps we need to take as IMM. While we have such an important historical peninsula, we cannot offer it to the world, how we cannot promote it, we need to look at it. Bu

Stating that Istanbul has a unique and unique feature in the world as a result of its geographical location and history, President Uysal said, U In any case, 500 year 3 is still the capital city of XNUMX. In particular, we have serious duties on this historic peninsula. Again on this historic peninsula, we will have serious work on historical artifacts. Yine

-İstanbul Like a Diamond
President Uysal stated that he hoped a vitality would come to Istanbul with Tourism Week and that this life would last for a whole year and continued his speech: ini We have a precious diamond like Istanbul. But we cannot offer it to the world well. Hopefully we can bring Istanbul to the points it deserves. Executives, investors and citizens in Istanbul serious tasks fall. We must show the same treatment as a guest coming to our house. Personally, this developed rapidly in our home town of Alanya. On the way, they see a tourist like a guest who came to his house. Because the economy of the rate on tourism. He went through a rapid transformation. We have a duty in Istanbul. In the coming 10 year, we intend to increase the tourism potential of Istanbul by 4 times. Account is very simple. When we double the number of tourists and double the number of tourists, we will reach the number we aim for. Kal


Speaking at the opening of the Tourism Week in Istanbul Governor Vasip Sahin, as in many areas in Istanbul, there are very serious investments in the field of tourism, expressing, "Our Ministry, our governorship, our municipality and other institutions are doing a great effort to do their best," he said.

Stating that there are traces of all civilizations in Istanbul and that these traces are kept alive, Sahin said: izler Istanbul is open air museum. A city where traces of every culture can be found. We're not saying this. Aliens are saying. And we see this as a surrender of the right to the right. That's what I'm saying because it was delivered ”

Noting that one of the most important problems of Istanbul is transportation to Istanbul and transportation within Istanbul, Governor Şahin said, “With the help of 3.havaliman, the golden year for Istanbul will be started. Istanbul accepted 13 million tourists last year. This is not enough, but Istanbul should be reached with the capacity to host more tourists after that. Access to Istanbul will be easy with the new airport. In this airport, metro works are continuing to reach the historical peninsula. Instead of looking back and crying, I want to look forward and have hope,, he said.

Speaking at the opening of Culture and Tourism Week Tourism Ministry Undersecretary Omer Arısoy In the 2015-2016 years in Turkey, recalling that there will not be asked to recall some of the events, "But we came very quickly these problems. In 2017 we have rebuilt a rebound that will surprise tourist authorities. I believe that 2018 is our golden year. In 2023 50 million tourists want to reach 50 billion tourism revenue. That means reaching a thousand dollars per tourist. We're not worth a thousand dollars yet. If we reach a good figure this year, we expect 40 to welcome millions of tourists in 2018. It is not even a dream to reach it. Buna

Speaking at the opening of the Tourism Week, Istanbul Provincial Tourism Director Coşkun Yılmaz stated that Istanbul is one of the cities where culture and art are intertwined and said: 'I don't know if it has any other country in the world. 195 is the heart of the world, in the heart of a city where people from the country come to visit.

Noting that everyone has a duty to introduce Istanbul to the world, Yılmaz said, y With all of our institutions and institutions and values, responsibility falls to all of us. As of today, when we look at the first two months, the number of tourists coming to Istanbul is around 1 thousand by the January and February figures. If this statistic continues, Istanbul will surpass 825 - about 2015 million - by far the highest number of travelers in history. Is it enough for Istanbul? I don't think so land he said.

Stating that Istanbul is an important city not only for tourism but also for diplomacy, economic and international relations, Yılmaz said, in This year we will have a major breakthrough in Istanbul tourism in cooperation with the governors of our sector and with the contributions of our municipality.



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