Malatya, 23 April Trambus On The Road

The traditional 23 April Trambus will give children a tour of the city on their own day.

Starting from Malatya Metropolitan Municipality Intercity Bus Terminal (MAŞTİ) and going back to University, 23 April Trambus will take the children and take them free of charge.

Metropolitan Municipality General Directorate of MOTAŞ made the following statement:

23 April National Sovereignty and Children's Day 23 April Trambus which we made traditional because of this year, we have made it ready for our children. The public transportation vehicle, which is appreciated by the people of Malatya with its safe and comfortable way, is allocated one of the Trambus to our children for that day. We call on our people for this! Keep your children's hand on the Ring Road and wait for the 23 April Trambus on the itinerary. Join us for a free tour and let your children have an unforgettable day. With gifts, treats and music to reach the peak of national feelings, let your child spend a festive holiday or

The statement also included the hours of the Trambus. According to the statement, the starting hours from the MAŞTİ are as follows: 09: 00, 11: 00, 14: 00

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