Day Counts for Sivas Fast Train

Sivas Governor David Rose, through the press agencies of investments and projects in the city within the scope of the organizations we visited are launched in order to share the public finally the Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) 4. Regional Directorate of Regional Director Mustafa Ranger and institutions met with other officials.

TCDD 4 first mentioned in the program. Regional Director Mustafa Korucu told the participants the works and objectives of the institution accompanied by the presentation. Ranger, 2017 49 project as the Regional Directorate of the project and the total amount of these projects 51 million 647 thousand pounds is also the physical realization of the percentage of 51 rate, he said. 2018 40 in the year they are preparing projects and 231 million pounds in the year will be spent, he said.

Noting that they serve with a thousand 781 staff throughout Sivas, Korucu stated that they are focusing on infrastructure works as TCDD.

Governor Davut Gül, on the other hand, stated that a meeting is held every week to discuss the works carried out by an institution throughout the province, and said that TCDD Regional Directorate also has important works in Sivas.

Gül, TCDD Sivas Regional Directorate, which has a railway network of 2 thousand 23 kilometers from Kars to Sivas; He noted that the logistics center is in intensive work with Samsun-Sivas railway and high-speed train projects.

Expressing that the logistics center has been on the agenda of Sivas for a long time and the project will be put out to tender in April, Gül said, “The logistics center will also speed up the 2nd Organized Industrial Zone. Each parcel of the industrial zone will be an OIZ with a railway line. Therefore, the products produced here will add strength to the logistics center and our organized industrial zone in the logistics center. On the other hand, there is the Samsun-Sivas railway project. With this project that will bring the province closer to the ports, there will be a system where we can carry more cargo for less. " He spoke in the form.

Stating that the high-speed train will be put into service in 2019, Gül said, “Infrastructure and superstructure works continue. The high-speed train will also go to Erzincan, and our Hafik, Zara and İmranlı districts of our city will benefit from this service. The greatest wealth of our city is that it will have a high-speed train in 2019. As Sivas, we must be prepared for this. If public institutions and organizations, non-governmental organizations and our tradesmen prepare their infrastructure accordingly, those who come to our city will be very pleased. he spoke.



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