Prime Minister Yıldırım: "Gaziray Project Will Be Completed Next Year"

AK Party Deputy Chairman and Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım, who came to Gaziantep to participate in various events, thanked the Mayor of Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, Fatma Şahin, for carrying out successful works that contributed to the development of the city, and gave her credit with praise. Yıldırım said, “There are 5 Organized Industrial Zones in Gaziantep right now. Nobody can hold Gaziantep anymore. First of all, Gaziantep is a city touched by 'women's hand'. Maşallah Gaziantep has reached a different point with its roads, surroundings and urbanism understanding ”.

Welcomed by members of parliament, mayors and party members at Gaziantep Airport, Prime Minister Yıldırım was presented with an honorary doctorate certificate at a ceremony held at the Hasan Kalyoncu University Congress and Culture Center, where he took the Prime Ministry bus.


Prime Minister Yıldırım stated that Gaziantep never gave up on terrorism during the wars in Syria and Iraq, and that it always managed to stay on its feet, adding: “Gaziantep is a different city. Why Gaziantep is a different city kazanIt is a city that has chosen to build its future independently rather than living dependently. What does this mean? In other words, consider the state dependent, salary recipient from the state, for example, he has all his income. Do we have such provinces? There is in the East, there is Erzurum and Sivas. More staff from the state, providing more opportunities to universities is the thing that our cities are most satisfied with. Because a separate entrepreneurial spirit has not developed. This is also due to natural conditions, climatic conditions, a culture… But our provinces such as Gaziantep and Kayseri did not wait for the path of state-supported development. What did they do, 'Brother, we will do it. Below is Syria, Iraq, the whole Middle East, this whole market. We will work, produce and sell this too.' In other words, Gaziantep ranks 6th in our foreign trade. There are 5 Organized Industrial Zones in Gaziantep right now. If the Polateli-Hassa Tunnels are built, enjoy it, then who will keep Gaziantep? High-speed train work continues. First of all, Gaziantep is a city touched by the 'women's hand'. Mashallah, it has come to a different point with its roads, its surroundings and its understanding of urbanism.”


Addressing the public at the 5th Ordinary Provincial Congress of AK Party Gaziantep Youth Branches in Karataş Sports Hall within the scope of the Gaziantep program, Yıldırım said that when the AK Party took office, there was only 116 kilometers of divided road in Gaziantep, adding 280 kilometers on top of that, He stated that they took the mileage.


Stating that the GAZİ-RAY project will be completed next year, Prime Minister Yıldırım explained that 50 thousand housing projects were initiated in cooperation with the Prime Ministry Housing Development Administration (TOKİ) and Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, approximately 2 thousand 800 of the houses were tendered and the construction phase started.


Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Fatma Sahin, Prime Minister Yildirim, the city's development and the city's quality of life in all the projects prepared to increase the veterans of the city, he said.

President Şahin emphasized that international projects prepared with great intelligence have been realized with the support of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's leadership and Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım.


After the congress, Mayor Yildirim, who visited Mayor Fatma Sahin in his office, welcomed the band team with children with Down's syndrome. After the meeting, President Şahin made a presentation to Prime Minister Yıldırım about the ongoing investments in 4 year. Prime Minister Yıldırım celebrated President Şahin and his team for their successful work.

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