ARUS to Hit the Rail System Market

OSTİM Chairman Orhan Aydin addressed the engineers at Karabuk University Engineering Faculty: Üniversitesi Our engineers are more skilled than other engineers in the world. We can do it. The whole thing needs to be believed. Olay

Karabük University Rail Club, OSTİM Castle National Industrial and Rail Transport Sector has organized a conference in Turkey. In the event organized by the faculty of engineering, OSTİM Chairman Orhan Aydın met with the students of the engineering faculty. Aydin, the students explained the importance of domestic and national production.

“You don't have the chance to be free without engine!“
Giving information about the works at OSTİM, Aydın said, “We believe that without development, there will be no development. We need to be doing knowledge-based production to develop the country. Ül

Orhan Aydın at OSTİM; He said that they work for domestic and national production with clusters formed in the sectors of business and construction machinery, medical, defense and aviation, energy, rail systems, rubber and communication technologies. Noting the importance of the design, President Aydın shared the following data: la 90 of the population is composed of employees. 9'den percent of those who produce, 1'i also consists of those who design. But the designers who have the ability to design, take the 70 of the revenue. 20 producers, employees in production, 10 of the income is taking. "

Underlining the necessity of domestic and national production, Aydın continued his words: ı There is no exit as long as you cannot do it yourself. This; the same on the train, the same in the turbine, the same in the plant, the same in iron steel. We can't get rid of the idea of ​​being unmarried without doing it ourselves. The instructors, the students, the students, the engineers, the task falls on us all. We'il do this. No freedom unless we do that.

It is impossible to be free in this geography without making the engine. If you can't build the engine in your tank, you won't be free in this geography! How did the people do it? Are we not reading the same thermodynamics book? Don't we read the same strength book? Why can't we? We can do it. Students, teachers, industry, public, governors, politicians, we will all come together. We will strive. Ç

“We need to focus“
. Turkish engineers are not different from the other engineers in the world, de said Orhan Aydın, who talked about the successful projects in our country in rail systems, farklı Their fingers are not 6's. His eyes are not 3's. Our engineers are more skilled than any other engineer in the world. We can do it. The whole thing needs to be believed. We need to focus. We did this in rail systems. Kayseri, Bursa, Kocaeli, Samsun was made domestic. The trambus in Malatya was native. Istanbul and I hope all of the next will be made domestic. Iler he said.

Stating that OSTİM has developed cooperation with many universities, they are ready to cooperate with Karabük University. Aydın said, önems We care about our students. If you need us; Internship, we do our best to find a job. We are ready to help you as much as we can. We are ready to cooperate with you. It is a separate value for us to have a rail system department. Ün

”ARUS will mark the market“
Anatolian Rail Transportation Systems Cluster (ARUS), Coordinator, İlhami Pektas Rail Transport Sector in Turkey presentation titled, the rail system in the world and in Turkey gave information about the current situation and sets the foundation stages.

"We have a volume of 2017 billion 2019-176 and a volume of 2019 billion between 2021-185 and XNUMX-XNUMX," he said. Rail system needs are constantly increasing and your business opportunities are constantly increasing. Ihtiyaç

İlhami Pektaş, who expressed his contribution to the increase in domestic and national production in rail systems after the establishment of ARUS, said: üretim Our national brands which are not in the car are currently in rail systems. This will increase. 2023 and 2035 targets will mark the 100 billion euro market by ARUS and its members. N

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