Vezirköprü Ferry to End 31 Annual Transportation Challenge

Vezirköprü district of Samsun and citizens living in the neighborhoods on the opposite side of the car transport and transportation problem is solved. The Metropolitan Municipality has completed the design and engineering phases of the ferry that will carry vehicle transportation. The tender process for the receipt of the Vezirköprü ferry started.

The story of the transportation problem, which breaks away from Kuruçay and Altınkaya neighborhoods on the opposite side of Vezirköprü district center, dates back to 1987. The Altınkaya Dam, which started its operations in 1987 with state investment, started to hold water. Due to the lack of new bridges, life in two neighborhoods was negatively affected.

31 years to go to the county to go to the district vehicles and belongings with the primitive raft and ferry to move to eliminate the grievances of the local people Samsun Metropolitan Municipality, the button to take the ferry to the city with a more secure and technical capacity has taken the ferry. Metropolitan Municipality has completed the technical infrastructure, design and engineering works related to Vezirköprü Ferries that will carry vehicles between Vezirköprü center and Kuruçay and Altınkaya neighborhoods.

The details of the ferry and the delivery of the project were conducted by the Secretary General of the Metropolitan Municipality Coşkun Öncel before the tender and the tender was announced as soon as possible.


Accordingly, 'Vezirköprü Ferries' will be 26 meters wide. 13 trucks, 2 cars or 4 cars, as well as ferry, earthmoving machinery and fire trucks can carry even if necessary. 8 2 will be available on the ferry 30 units will work with the engine will be available. The speed of the ferry with a capacity of approximately 2 will be a minimum of 70 knots. 10 units including 16 and 14 passengers can be transported to 2 passengers in passenger lounges. There will also be 30 pieces of toilet for disabled persons.

Vezirköprü also draws attention to the properties Ferry, designed according to class size and tonnage, Turkey will be the first ferry can carry up to half the weight. It was learned that the ferry was specially designed by academics for Samsun Metropolitan Municipality by taking advantage of the experiences of users and service providers.

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