UU Rector Ulcay: “Maharet gives direction to technology U

1 by Bursa Branch of Architects and Engineers Group (MMG). Speaking at the Workshop on Digital Transformation of Industry, the Rector of Uludag University (UU). Dr. Joseph Ulcay, Turkey enter between the world's largest economy in 2023 10 not adapting to technology, he said it should be one of the countries leading the technology.

MMG Bursa Branch, 1 under the title 'Artificial Intelligence, Robots and Digital Transformation in Industry'. Workshop on Digital Transformation of Industry. At the workshop held at Merinos Congress and Culture Center, UU Rector. Dr. Yusuf Ulcay also participated as a speaker. Speaking in a program of intensive interest, Rector. Dr. Yusuf Ulcay, 'the Internet of objects' is defined as a fully connected with the revolution and is moving towards a smart world, he said. Rector Yusuf Ulcay pointed out that the memorization is now broken, the 90 of global growth consists of non-European economies underlined. Despite all the negativity that Turkey experienced pointed out that one of the fastest growing countries in the world Ulcay; Mümkündür In 2023, we can be among the world's largest 10 economies, producing quality information and transforming information into economic values. Maharet does not adapt to the technology, but it guides the technology. The rapid and radical change experienced in this sense leaves institutions and organizations with no choice but to become innovative. Bu


The gross domestic R & D expenditures increased by 19 by 17 compared to the previous year, indicating that the Rector Ulcay, although the figures are promising, but still not enough, he said. Republican 100. In order to achieve the targeted levels, Ulcay said that more R & D and technology production is needed. Gerekiyor We need to increase the share of 4 in the manufacturing industry and export of high-tech products to 20. To this end, we must be able to transform the potential of our traditional industrial areas into value-added in strategic areas such as defense and aerospace, rail, mechatronics, biotechnology and software. As Uludağ University, we have been able to read the process of change and we have positioned ourselves according to the needs of today and the future in order to take a more active role in the development of our country and our city. Ulu

The fact that they have one of the 20 technology transfer offices in Turkey that draws Ulcay Rector, faculty research projects to date for the said funds to 40 million TL. Ulcay, giving information that they have started to work in order to establish a large valley of research within the boundaries of the university, added that they have succeeded to be one of the 15 research university selected by YÖK thanks to all the applications made.

At the end of the presentation, a plaque of appreciation was presented to the Rector Ulcay by the chairman of the previous term, Ali Yılmaz.

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