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UTİKAD, the Association of International Transport and Logistics Service Producers who continue their efforts towards the development of logistics culture, participated in the activities organized by Maltepe University, Istanbul Commerce University and Necmettin Erbakan University during March.

UTİKAD Chairman of the Board of Directors Emre Eldener participated in 15 Logistics and Trade Meeting organized by Maltepe University International Trade and Logistics Club and International Trade and Logistics Department of Faculty of Business and Management.

Kosta Sandalcı UTIKAD Former Chairman, Necmettin Erbakan University (NEU) Logistics Information Society held in March by 22 "The Future of Logistics Industry in the World and Turkey" met with students at the conference.

UTİKAD General Manager Cavit Uğur met with academics at the workshop on Süt Blockchain Technology in Logistics and Foreign Trade Processes “organized by Istanbul Commerce University at 21 March in Sütlüce Campus of the university.

The Association of International Transport and Logistics Service Producers UTİKAD, on the other hand, continues its efforts to solve the sectoral problems while supporting academic education in line with the objective of developing the logistics sector. Within the framework of this target, UTİKAD, which came together at every opportunity with the students and academicians who received logistic training, participated in the activities of different universities during March.
UTIKAD Chairman Emre Eldener met with academics, bureaucrats, sector representatives and students at Maltepe University's 'Logistics and Trade Meeting' traditionally held since 2009.


Eldener, who made a presentation within the scope of 8 Logistics and Trade Meeting organized by Maltepe University International Trade and Logistics Club and International Trade and Logistics Department, Faculty of Management and Management, shared the trends in the logistics sector with the participants. Regarding transport mode in Turkey information sharing to effect sector industry 4.0's presentation, e-commerce and e-exports reached a endpoints by e-logistics President to refer the UTIKAD concept Eldener, "Our industry is faced with a very rapid change. Technology has triggered a very serious change in the logistics sector as well as in every aspect of our life. Industry We must follow the very effects of 4.0 on our industry. We shouldn't miss this train. Young colleagues from our candidates are expected to develop themselves in this direction, "he said.

Moderated Dr. Mehmet Tanyaş-in which he received the seat of UTİKAD Chairman Eldener'ın as well as TCDD Transportation Inc. General Manager Veysi Kurt, Sertrans General Manager Nilgün Keleşoğlu, Seferim Güvende Platform Lojistik A.Ş. General Manager Atakan Akalın and Kumport Executive Vice President Erhan Tunçbilek.


Necmettin Erbakan University (NEU) by the Logistics Information Society "Future of Logistics Industry in the World and Turkey" conference was held in March 22. Former President of UTIADAD and Honorary Member of FIATA Kosta Sandalci participated as speakers in the conference held at the Faculty of Applied Sciences. Sandalcı said that language learning is very important for students and that the fact that there is a serious advantage in terms of finding a job in the sector and working in student life, 2030 does not have the 50 of today's jobs.

Turkey's foreign trade volume of xnumx't to 2023 billion dollars now to express Sandalcı stating that we need to reduce imports by increasing exports, "the new airport, both passenger air transport will provide a huge boost in terms of cargo," he said.

Industry 4.0 's highest production, aiming to minimize the cost and energy that it can be successful and students fall on the task in this regard that expresses Sandalcı, e-commerce and logistics by referring to the relationship 2016 30'in 2020'de online shopping is done across the border 40 2020 1'de XNUMX'da also said that people who cross-border e-commerce will exceed XNUMX billion people said.


UTIKAD General Manager Cavit Ugur met with academics at 21 March at Istanbul Commerce University. General Manager Cavit Uğur, who attended the workshop on it Blockchain Technology in Logistics and Foreign Trade Processes entegr by Istanbul Commerce University, made a presentation on the possible effects and integration of the blockchain to logistics processes. Uğur stated that Blockchain technologies will be used in logistics sector as well as in many sectors. with this technology, the processes will be practical. . When you want to bring a frozen product from East Africa to a port in Europe, you need to get approval from 30 different approval mechanisms and 200 times must be communicated between stakeholders. So 'instruction', 'loaded', 'output', 'notice' like. Approval for each of these processes is required. Customs, food and agriculture ministries should be approved. Since this frozen food will go inside the container, heat tracking must be done automatically and it should not be left to the captain. This came to a very serious operational and documented ”Cavit Uğur, who gave information about the logistics process; Ento The use of counterfeit bill of lading in our profession is unfortunately too many. Blockchain technologies will be useful in combating counterfeit bill of lading. The bill of lading is still a valuable paperwork, especially in maritime transport. Blockchain technologies will accelerate all these intensive communication and approval processes in the logistics sector. Block

General Manager Cavit Uğur said that the cost paid to prepare the document in some types of transport is between 15% and 50 of the total cost of transportation. Arasında Senders, carriers, customs enterprises, banks, ports, terminals and buyers will have serious benefits from this process. Shippers and buyers will be able to see the actual price and origin of the goods with blockchain technology. Is it actually available in China or is it in Bangladesh? Collections will be made in more democratic environments, T he said. The workshop ended with the presentations of academicians and sector stakeholders, as well as the presentations of entrepreneurs with relevant studies.

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