Third Rail Technology Paves the Way for Change in Subway Lines

As the energy consumption becomes increasingly important, both the private and the public sector give priority to energy works. REHAU products that are used in every area of ​​life make life easier with innovative and superior quality. The third rail system offered by REHAU saves cost and energy consumption.

REHAU quality in third rail systems

Since 2012, REHAU has been serving as a third rail systems supplier and has been developing and developing innovative technology products according to the needs. There are many projects that have been implemented for REHAU's subway lines in Turkey. Among these lines; M6 Levent-Hisarüstü / Boğaziçi University, Ankara Keçiören M4, Ankara M4 Macunköy warehouse expansion, M2 Çayyolu warehouse area and İzmir Halkapınar warehouse area lines.
Rules of the game are changing

as REHAU, the third rail system in Turkey, stating that they can deliver the parent company they are in the position and their clients direct service REHAU Sales Manager Erdal Sönmezler, "Turkey in the market, while remaining in contact with the relevant municipalities and the Ministry of Transport, we follow quite closely the metro line auctions forthcoming. The parent company as the strength of our commitment to participate in the tender to operate in Turkey, taking us back to the company, both technical and commercial point of view, we continue to have as much support as we can. By updating the special designs for our projects, we enable the users to assemble the most suitable system for technical competencies in the easiest way. In order to exhibit our company and products to the whole world, we will take our place in InnoTrans, which is the most important fair of the sector held every two years in Berlin. Ürün

Reduces cost, saves energy

At the beginning of the features that make the third rail advantageous, low voltage comes. Since the installation of the third rail is easier and lower cost than other systems, it is the most suitable solution for the metro lines. The third rail system offered by REHAU ensures cost and energy savings, as well as a high power transmission and easy maintenance repair.




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