Kırklareli Two Railroads Hired Railroad Tracks

Kırklareli Kavaklı working in the Borough Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) by applying to employees of a person's Central District Gendarmerie Command, the railway is located in Kavakli town locality was found in the notice of the theft of a part of the track.

As a result of the investigation made by the gendarmerie teams acting on the notification, it was determined that the rails were cut by double-sided and carried by a truck in the twelve-meter section of the railway line. Luleburgaz District Gendarmerie Command, which immediately took action, quickly captured the suspect SD and took them into custody. Suspect person SD, who was taken into custody from Ray theft, admitted to the Kırklareli Chief Public Prosecutor's Office that he had stolen the rails with his brother GD. After the statement of GD was taken from the prosecutor's office, two brothers were arrested by the court where they were released and placed in Kırklareli E-type prison.

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