Albayrak Turkey is proud of the machinery Success

Eskisehir Albayrak serving in the Organized Industrial machinery, design and manufacturing of self-owned domestic Peron Separators Door Systems (Platform Screen Doors) for performing work on a first in Turkey as a result takes about 2 years, SIL-3 (Safety Integrated Level-3) Safety Certified Integrity Level from TÜV-NORD.

TÜV Nord- Albayrak Machine Certification
Albayrak Machinery, which locates Peron Separator Door Systems which is rapidly becoming widespread in Urban Rail Stations and aims to be an important and permanent company in the international market in this sector, besides obtaining SIL-3 certificate, has gained a place in both domestic and foreign projects by taking the Localization Certificate. signature.

In 2006, Albayrak Machinery continues its design and manufacturing experience starting with half-length door systems in Eskişehir Light Rail System Facility at tram stops and continues to be in full length with ALDOOR brand and at SIL-3 safety integrity level.

Eskişehir Municipality Tram Stop

Eskişehir Espark Tram Stop

Peron Separator Door System Aging Test Studies

ALDOOR brand, which has 590 Half-Length Platform Separator Door Systems at Eskişehir tram stops, has full-length doors with SIL-3 safety level and serves in the funicular system of Vadistanbul, one of the largest mixed projects in Istanbul. ALDOOR, a brand that comes out of Eskişehir, is also under construction in Istanbul. Kabataş-Mecidiyeköy-Mahmutbey subway line's ISBAK A.Ş. He works as a solution partner with.

Vadistanbul Peron Separator Door Systems

General Manager Gürhan ALBAYRAK stated that they have started R & D activities for domestic train gate except for Peron Seperator Door Systems; state, the nationalization of strategic products in the region with the courage of taking the road they are taking the courage, Peron Separator Door Systems after the project, especially domestic high-speed rail, locating the doors of the means of rail transportation according to international norms and standards are continuing their work.

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