Will Turkey in every 100 Kilometers Airport

Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan, the number of active airports in Turkey said that it has reached 55, "the airline uses citizens and 90 percent of foreign visitors in the country by land, you can access any airport taking the road 100 kilometers." said. Arslan stated that anyone who wants to reach the airport can be reached within a maximum of 2023 kilometers with the airports to be completed by 100.

Minister Arslan said in his statement that radical steps have been taken since 2003 for the development of aviation, one of the most important gears of the transportation system.

Indicating that the private sector is paved the way in civil aviation with the projects implemented within the framework of the public-private cooperation, which is an alternative finance model other than the budget, Arslan said that while the travel costs are decreasing, the airline is the “way of the people”.

Stating that the number of active airports has increased to 55 in the country, Arslan said, “Steps have been taken for the construction of Rize-Artvin, Yozgat, Bayburt-Gümüşhane (Salyazı), Karaman, İzmir Çeşme-Alaçatı, West Antalya, Çukurova and Tokat airports.” he spoke.

Arslan noted that the infrastructure construction of Rize-Artvin and Çukurova airports is continuing and stated that the process is continuing at Yozgat Airport, which was tendered this year. Stating that the place delivery has been made at Bayburt-Gümüşhane (Salyazı) Airport and that the financial offers have been reached at Tokat Airport, Arslan stated that the tender for Karaman Airport will be held this year.

Arslan stated that the tender will be held on April 20 for İzmir Çeşme-Alaçatı Airport, which will be built with the build-operate-transfer (BOT) model, and that feasibility studies are continuing for the West Antalya Airport, which will be built with the BOT model.

“Bids will start to be received at Çukurova Airport next week”

Minister Arslan said that the infrastructure construction of Çukurova Airport will be finished this year and offers will start to be received next week for the superstructure.

Expressing that they were bidding for infrastructure at Tokat Airport, Arslan stated that their technical evaluation studies were completed and that they were at the stage of receiving financial offers.

Pointing out that 90 percent of the citizens and foreign guests using the airline in the country can reach any airport by traveling no more than 100 kilometers by road, Arslan said:

“Rize-Artvin, Karaman, Bayburt-Gümüşhane, Yozgat, İzmir Çeşme, West Antalya, Çukurova and Tokat airports will be completed by 2023, and all those who use the airline within the country will be able to reach any airport by 100 kilometers.”

“International flight network increased by 372 percent”

Stating that the number of aircraft increased from 2003 in 162 to 517 today, the total number of passengers increased by 2003 times compared to 6 and reached 193,3 million at the end of last year, adding, “The number of countries with an aviation agreement increased from 81 to 169, made a great contribution. ” found the assessment.

Drawing attention to the fact that there were 2003 international destinations with 2 airlines in 60, Arslan said that this network has increased by 372 percent, and as of today, more than 6 destinations have been reached in 121 countries with 300 airlines.

Arslan, Turkey's annual 200 million passengers will have the capacity and the first stage will be launched on October 29, Istanbul New Airport by drawing attention to become one of the world's most important transit center on Turkey's aviation Upon completion of the project saved a new page will be opened.



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