Don't Let Tram Hurt Another Hurt In Izmir

Hanefi Caner, the retired chamber chair, drew attention to the tram accidents. Caner, who wants to take separate measures where there is a lot of pedestrian traffic, said:

Last December, a 66-year-old retired teacher Nurcan Altay, a retired teacher in Bostanlı, became a victim of the tram last weekend, after the 61-year-old woman named Afet Soyer died in Mavişehir after being trapped under the tram. Altay, who leaves his house to take a walk in the morning, is from Mavişehir Karşıyaka As a result of the collision of the tram leading to the pier, it was underneath. Altay barely removed from the jammed hospital was being treated. The fact that two accidents, one fatal and one wounded, occurred at the 2 tram line every month led to debate on how safe the tram line is for pedestrians.

Hanefi Caner, who retired after serving as the head of the rail system in Izmir Metropolitan Municipality for many years, said that if the necessary measures are not taken, tram accidents are inevitable from now on. Saying "These are better days," Caner said, "The real problem will be experienced when Konak Tramway is activated. Karşıyaka Many times more of the accidents occurring on the tram will be experienced in Alsancak with the commissioning of Konak Tram ”. Looking at the examples in Europe, Caner reminds that there are no barriers or similar barriers to prevent the passage of pedestrians around the tram line in most cities, but pedestrians are guided very carefully and carefully; "Unfortunately Konak and Karşıyaka There are turns and junction crossings that will risk the pedestrian traffic on the line. Necessary precautions must be taken here. Otherwise, it will hurt more ”.

Reminding that there is a very heavy pedestrian traffic in front of Mavibahçe Shopping Center, especially in Bostanlı, in front of Mavişehir eye hospital, Caner continued, “These places are places where both crossing traffic and motor vehicle traffic are extremely intense. Why these accidents usually happen in Bostanlı, Mavişehir, but not there or elsewhere in the Beşikçioğlu Mosque. Because there is a lot of pedestrian traffic here. Under normal conditions, the return of the Beşikçioğlu Mosque there is also very dangerous and non-standard, but since there is not much pedestrian traffic, there has not been a problem there, but this does not mean that it will not happen ”.

Caner stated that Metropolitan should take every precaution on the tram line; “You are obliged to do what you do and ensure that people pass the tram line in a healthy way. You will not act with the logic of that I did it. Thousands of people cross the tramline every day. There are clever ones among them, there are old people and young people. There are people who are visually impaired, hard of hearing or even those who cannot hear. If you cannot cross these people with light, you will do it with lower overpasses. Although it is very ugly and difficult to make such an upheaval there, but they have to solve this problem somehow. If it is not happening, you will put men in places with heavy pedestrian traffic if necessary.

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