The Foundations of Sunflower Valley and Bicycle Island Are Laid

Sunflower Valley and Bike Island's groundbreaking ceremony at the President Toçoğlu, "In the world, many cities in Turkey, are forced to thrive at the expense of natural beauty. We; we will not be like other cities, we will not turn into satellite cities like them. ” Deputy Üstün said, “We will continue our works for our government, deputies, governorship, municipalities and Sakarya.” Governor Balkanlıoğlu said, “It is an important city developing with its agriculture and tourism with its economy of Sakarya.”

Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality by Yenikent kazanThe groundbreaking ceremony of the Sunflower Valley and Bicycle Island Project, which will be At the ceremony, Governor İrfan Balkanlıoğlu, Metropolitan Mayor Zeki Toçoğlu, AK Party Deputy Ayhan Sefer Üstün, Secretary General İbrahim Pehlivan, General Manager of SASKİ Dr. Rüstem Keleş, AK Party district heads, district mayors, Deputy Secretary Generals Ayhan Kardan, Ali Oktar, Zafer Poyraz, Provincial Health Director Assoc. Dr. Aziz Öğütlü, Provincial Director of Youth Services and Sports Fatih Çelikel, UCI Expert Thomas Alier, ASKF President Yaşar Zımba, headmen, Metropolitan and SASKİ bureaucrats and citizens living in the region attended.

Land for sale in 170
Murat Mutlu, Head of the Department of Science, said, e It is a very special day for us as well as for our compatriots living in the region. The Sunflower Valley which we will build on the 170 acreage will become the new meeting point of our citizens. Our Bicycle Island project will host the International Mountain Bike Marathon Championship in our city in 2020. Our project will include cycling world, sales offices, VIP saloon, velodrome and mountain bike trails. In addition to the 4,5 km track, a thousand people will be able to host a grandstand, 2 audience terrace, pond and a cafeteria next to it. Good luck. Hayır

Yenikent is the future of Sakarya
President Zeki Toçoğlu said, “We are excited to come together at the groundbreaking ceremony of our Sunflower Valley and Bicycle Island Project. Our city is growing and developing day by day. As the Metropolitan Municipality, we are working day and night to make Sakarya more livable. Sakarya is the city of the future, and Yenikent is the future of Sakarya. Thank God, our Yenikent region is developing day by day, becoming more livable. We have implemented many projects in Yenikent. Various social reinforcement areas kazanwe nagged. We made the idle buildings functional. Yenikent is rapidly advancing towards becoming a university district. Today, we are implementing another investment that will add value and vitality to Sakarya and Yenikent.”

Sakarya is a city of greenery
President Toçoğlu said, “Many cities in the world and in Turkey are forced to develop by compromising their natural beauties. We are trying to transform our city by preserving our natural beauties. Sakarya is a city of greenery and will develop as a city in greenery. As a metropolitan city, we are aware of what we are doing. We will not be like other cities, we will not take them as an example, we will not turn into satellite cities like them. On the contrary, Sakarya will be an exemplary city with its architecture, livable areas and natural beauties. Respect for people, nature and all living things is at the heart of our urbanism. We will not deprive our children of nature and sky. With its green and blue; with its horizontal architecture in harmony with nature; with its strong social fabric; With its cultural richness, Sakarya will become more livable with each passing day. As a result of this understanding, in addition to our project, which we will lay the foundation of today, many valuable projects for our city. kazanwe nagged and kazanWe keep climbing.”

Living areas of the city
“By bringing the Sakarya River together with the city, we put Sakaryapark at the service of our fellow citizens. To our Yenikent region, Korucukpark and Yenikentpark kazanwe nagged. We built a park that adds vitality to our Ferizli district. We have completed Esentepe Park in Pamukova. We will soon complete Maltepe Park, which will be a first in our city with its Watch Tower, and put it at the disposal of our citizens. Various projects continue in our Hendek and Arifiye districts.”

New address for good time
Iz Today, we will lay the foundation of our people in a very short period of time to serve the Sunflower Valley and Bicycle Island Project is a project prepared with this mission. We transform this area into a valley where families can spend time in peace, where people from all walks can do sports, in natural beauties. The Sunflower Valley and Cycling Island Project, which will be realized on the land of 170, will be a gift to the social life of our city, and will be a new address for good times. Our project; A complex project involving playgrounds for children, fitness for adults, jogging and walking areas, cafeteria, pond and parking for 150 cars and rich social facilities.

A wonderful host
Cak Yenikent will be cycled with the bicycle island project. Sakarya, a city known by sports. As a metropolitan city, we see sport as a part of life and we continue to invest in diversifying and spreading the sport. We build sports facilities, train athletes in every branch of sports, make bicycle paths and expand the sport range of our city. Bike Island, which will be put into service in a short period of time, will also be hosting the International Mountain Bike Marathon World Championship, which will be held in our city under the auspices of our Presidency in 2020. Bicycle Island will provide a wonderful host to the guests who come to our city with all their equipment. Ad

Yenikent will develop further
The MP said, Af Praise be to Allah. other epics are written in our country. It continues to serve as Turkey should be solid. Yenikent will develop further in the coming years. 3. The road to the Bosphorus Bridge will pass here. 1000 bedded area for 400 turning area was reserved. Yeniket is an excellent courthouse project. On the one hand, our country continues to work on one hand. A very big project is being implemented. We will sign an international organization at 2020. We will continue our work for Sakarya with our government, MPs, governor, NGOs, muhtars. Hüküm

It gives honor and pride
Governor Balkanlıoğlu said, büyüyen Sakarya is one of the most important growing cities with its agriculture and agriculture. 7 on Export. We rank. There are also great developments in agricultural terms. Many agricultural products grow in our city. Ornamental plants imported from abroad are now imported from here. Sakarya will be much better in the future. Our mayors are doing a lot of work. Sakarya industry is far ahead. I am very pleased to be here today to lay the foundation for a very good service. This facility gives us honor and pride. We will host an important competition under the auspices of the President of the Republic, the World Cycling Championship. In addition, we are organizing the ground-breaking ceremony of a project that will bring this neighborhood and region to life with its social facilities. I wish it to be auspicious and good luck. Şimd

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