Teleferik and Soğucak Plateau

Republican People's Party District President Cengiz Çiçek stated that the cable car project, which will be started by the municipality, should be expanded and that the Soğucak Plateau should be included in this project.

Stating that Soğucak Plateau is one of the most beautiful regions of the district, Çiçek said, “The cable car project between Kırkpınar Mahmudiye is a very good project. But this can be extended further. The cable car line can be extended to Soğucak plateau and even to Kartepe. This project can be achieved through the build-operate-transfer model, by making agreements with multiple companies. I think this project will be the biggest factor in golf tourism, zoo, picnic areas and the establishment of accommodation facilities. ”

Stating that bungalows can be built in the region without concreting, Çiçek said, “Accommodation facilities can be built as bungalows without disturbing the ecological balance. The most logical decision is to locate the bungalows and make them run and run by our Sapanian citizens. It makes a great contribution to the development of Sapanca tourism. Increases the income sources of the people of Sapanca; "It helps tradesmen, citizens, hotels and restaurants to earn better."

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