TCDD KPSS 2017 / 2 Updated List of Assigned Results

The Republic of Turkey State Railways KPSS 2017 / 2 as is relevant announcement was published after the announcement of the preferred outcome. However, it was stated that the list was re-updated and new names were included in the list. With the announcement of the results of KPSS 2017 / 2 by TCDD, a new update has been made today.

The Republic of Turkey State Railways announced on the official web site, the KPSS 2017 / 2 result of the assignment of the list of candidates has settled updated on 06.03.2018 was given in a statement.

In the updated list, the nominated candidates can start work without waiting for the invitation to the address (next update date of the list is listed in 09.03.2018).

KPSS 2017 / 2 is a result of the nominated applicants



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