TCDD 3 Medical Day Activities in the Field

. 14 March Health History N exhibition was opened at Basmane Gar in the scope of 14 March Medical Day Activities.

The exhibition; President of Izmir Chamber of Medicine Dr. Dr. Fehmi Akçiçek, Deputy Provincial Health Director Dr. Anıl Esen,, TCDD 3. Regional Director Selim Koçbay, Türkegül Kocaoğlu, retired Health Director Dr. Cengiz UZUNCAN, physicians, health workers, related institution managers and employees participated.

After the speeches in the first years of the Republic of health centers and villages that do not have a health center to bring health care; The opening of the newly restored) Sanitary Emergency Car ameliyat (Doctor Wagon), which is equipped with special medical devices with doctors, nurses and nurses, and operating rooms, pharmacy, patient beds.

After the informational visit in the Sanitary Emergency Car, '' Medical Equipment and Efemera Exhibition '' and '' Nurse Clothes in History '' exhibitions were opened.

Regional Director Koçbay celebrating the Day of Medicine of health workers; health centers and hospitals are not yet widely available throughout the country; Besides the sanitary emergency wagons, 19 used in the whole network is equipped with sanitary wagons, physicians and health teams, railroads and villages and railroads, as well as railway personnel. belongs; Total 12 all across Turkey General Hospitals-Senatory I-infirmary, 28 Total Pharmacy, 12 Total Central Medicine, 55 Total Section Medicine, 19 units of TCDD Dental medical staff emphasizing that their own staff and local people to health services by offering shows the importance given to the health sector; has thanked everyone who contributed to the preparation of such a special ceremony, which was instrumental in commemorating the contributions of the railways to the health sector since its foundation.



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