The route of Şişhane-Seyrantepe Metro Line was determined

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) connects Istanbul with the metro with the slogan yer Everywhere metro is everywhere metro “. Continuing its investments uninterrupted, IMM added another one to its projects.

IMM's new metro line is planned on the European side. The Şişhane-Seyrantepe rail system line is designed with a length of 12 kilometers. The Seyrantepe metro line consists of a total of 12 stations on the 10 kilometer line.

Following the 2019 service, the Şişhane Seyrantepe metro line is planned to be opened;
1. Sisli Etfal
2. seyrantepe
3. Example: Sultan Selim
4. the Galatadere
5. Cascade
6. perpa
7. Okmeydanı
8. Piyalepaşa
9. Kasimpasa
10. Şişhane

Source : Habertürk - Şengül KIRMIZITAŞ



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