Sertrans 8. Participated in Logistics and Trade Meeting

Providing value-added logistics services to its national and international customers in supply chain management, Sertrans Logistics has organized 15. Joining the Logistics and Trade Meeting. Sertrans Logistics CEO Nilgun Keles trends in the logistics sector in his presentation addressing a meeting, a large number of academics, bureaucrats and industry representatives with various high schools in Turkey and met students from the university.

Sertrans Logistics participated in the en Logistics and Trade Meeting ”organized for the 8 this year. The meeting took place at the Cultural Center of Maltepe University on Thursday, March. In addition to the prominent names of the logistics sector, participants from the bureaucracy and academia also discussed the future of trade and logistics. Turkey at the end of the event with the participation of students from various high schools and universities were given certificates to the participants.

Nilgün Keleş, Sertrans Logistics CEO, made a presentation on the trends of the logistics sector in the second session of the meeting. Keleş who talked about the concepts of lar customer satisfaction UM, UM fast and undamaged transportation ördüncü, ”retail sector-,” industry 4.0 X, ”e-commerce“ and ”fourth party logistics (4PL) şunlar during her presentation,

”The sector will reach the size of 330 billion pounds“

Dür As of today, the Turkish logistics sector has a size of 300 billion liras and 400 is an efficient sector employing a thousand people. The figures show that the last 10 has introduced 1,9 billion dollars of foreign capital to our country as the logistics sector over the years. We expect the logistics sector to reach a volume of 2018 billion in 330. Turkey, our republic 100. 2023 targets our sector in the year. yıl

Highlighting the importance of customer satisfaction in the logistics sector with rapid and undamaged transportation, Keleş said: ter We protect the brand reputation of our customers and help them realize their promises. Moving products from one point to another is not creating any value. If we want to make a difference, we need to develop separate infrastructures specific to each operation. At this point, we can say that customer satisfaction goes through speed, no damage and low cost. Inevitably, the logistics sector has to put 'customer satisfaction' in its focus.

”Industry 4.0 will bring the spirit of knowledge and enterprise“

E-commerce and Industry 4.0 concept will mark the future of the logistics sector, indicating that Nilgun Keles said: ac Industry 4.0 is the most discussed and globally oriented concept. All companies are redesigning themselves according to this concept. Industry I believe that 4.0 will bring a spirit of knowledge and enterprise to our industry. Intelligent buildings, smart factories and smart cities will be the future of our 'smart logistics' concept. Now needs are shaped by instant development and changes. Accordingly, logistics, which is an important link of the supply chain, is evolving rapidly. When we look at it, commercial activities are now conducted on the internet. Today, we are expecting to reach 1.6 trillion dollars in 2020. When we come to 3, all of the retail in developed countries will be controlled by e-commerce. One of the most critical roles in such a large market belongs to the logistics sector. The logistics sector in e-commerce operations that lasts from production to the end consumer needs a lot of different competencies such as demand planning, stocking, product tracking and delivery on the same day. Üretim

Firm We aim to be the Fourth Party Logistics Company hedef

In order to meet the more complex logistics needs of 3PL companies, which show expertise in activities such as transportation and storage until now, Keles stated that 4PL aims to provide comprehensive supply chain solutions to its customers with its 4PL concept. From the beginning, he designed and structured by emphasizing. Keles, Sertrans Logistics, said they are preparing to enter the world of 3PL all the operational processes according to the innovations introduced by the 4PL concept has been re-arranged from the beginning. Keles said they are on their way to becoming the 4PL company to consolidate their future in the logistics industry.

Keles said that any growth in retailing contributed positively to the logistics sector. logistics is the locomotive sector of retail, stating: ter Logistics management, retailing the right service at the right price, at the right time and in the right place to realize the goal of delivering customers is the most important force. akend



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